No Week 8 Miracle Yet ... =(

  • I am not doubting the program, I just don't know what the heck is going on with my body.  I am at the end of week 8 and I still see no difference.  My clothes almost still feel the same.  I am eating between 1400-1600 cals a day, eyeballing my food for portion sizes, staying away from processed foods, eating lots of veggies (with no oil / added fats), eating six small/normal meals throughout the day, balancing carbs/fats/protein, only enjoying the one free day, sticking to the exercise program 100%, drinking 100 oz water a day, logging all meals and exercise, and hoping. 

    I work out at home so I don't have the benefits that the gym brings (lots of different ways to exercise) and I am limited with my weights (but i use the heaviest i have).  I do feel a little stronger in my legs/arms, but I am not seeing any difference.  I have stayed away from the scale - i measure and weigh tomorrow, but i don't expect any results.  I honeslty don't think I am doing anything wrong - except that I am not lifting super heavy weights.  I am sore the next day or two, so i know i am making an impact inside. 

    I am not giving up.  I know SOMETHING has to be going on inside.  I plan on doing another challenge after this one ... and keep going until I get where I am going. 

    Did anyone have a similar problem?  I have read the ladies' journal about the week 8/9 miracles and still have my fingers crossed. 

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • I think one issue you may have to look at is the intensity level. If you have read the book hitting the 10's is crucial. If you are not hitting the tens when you should be the weight you are lifting needs to be increased. That should happen almost every week for almost all excersises. Granted that will level off but the key is hitting the 10's.

    Just an example:

    Db week one

    40 x12 int. level 5

    50x 10 int. level 7

    60 x8 int. level 9

    70 x6 int. level 10

    40x12 int level 10

    25x12 fly int level 10

    Week 3 go up on some

    50x 12 int level 6

    60 x10 int. level 7

    70x 8 int. level 10

    75 x6 int .level 10

    50x12 int. level 10

    30x12 fly int level 10

    This is just an example but the formula works

    Hope that helps

  • Don't know if reducing your calories a little would help. I went online and for my weight and height my cal intake a day in order for me to stay as I am and not put in weight is 1500 a day. I'm quite short. So my cals on this program I aim for 1200-1300, because if I don't nothing will shift. I don't know if I will get told that's too low but I eat all dy and don't go hungry and it works for me. Just a suggestion xxx

  • Oh! I guess I am doing wrong.






    60x12 and that is also a 10 because I never get the 12

    25x12 flyes but sometime it feels like a 8 or 9

  • Don't feel bad Tri Tri! I am in my 8 week too and it feels like nothing is happening. You need to look inside you. What are you doing wrong? Maybe that extra carbs or the workout you didn't do. Don't give up. It is better to go back a couple of weeks than feeling that your doing it wrong. It feels ok when you go back. Feels like you are in the progress.

    I have being eating more than I have to eat (carbs). I being sick for almost two weeks now and being lazy some saturdays with my aerobic workout  so now I am getting back and going back two weeks so I am in my week 6.