• Hi everyone.. 

    Hope everyone are doing absolutely great just like me.. I am in Day 4.. and it is quite fun.. Planning six meals per day is definitely a challenge.. workout is going fine right now.. 

    Day 1, I did some heavy workout and my hands were paining so much.. it was as if someone is tearing it apart.. now it is manageable.. I did upper part body first day and I couldn't wait till Friday to do it again.. I was feeling so good.. 

    Although, it is too early, I keep checking my mirror if there is some change in biceps.. I know it is funny but it is totally fun.. 

    As per many people advice, I thought I must not check weight.. But I coudnt resist seeing it.. and yes I have dropped 2 pounds already.. I am so excited.. 

    Before starting the challenge itself, I was doing some simple workout and I was always in border of 270 pounds.. Threeweeks back I saw 269.6 something and I was so excited but just after having food it shooted up and it never came down.. Now I have nailed it finally.. 

    I have created a notebook of myself and updating my day to day activities in it.. 

    Those who have progressed so far, please share your motivations..  

    Loving Regards,

    Divya S Selvan

  • Hi I am on day 11. challenge 1. I do the same with a journal. i keep telling myself I can do this thing! haha Good on the 2 lbs. so far I have lost 5 lbs. 2 and 1/4 inches. alot of depuffing.....I am excited.. we arent too far from time in the program and I hope we both see great results!!!!


  • congratulations, guys!!   Divya- you're not being funny by looking every day for changes, you're being typical :)  

    I am in week 6 (halfway through) and I finally took my 2nd set of pictures and compared them with my 'Before Pics' . I saw some amazing results in my back and arms!! Hooray!!

    Taking my progress pictures and comparing them really motivated me to do better and watch what I eat more.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Way to go!

    There initially is noticeable weight loss the first or 2nd week.

    Because of the increased water intake, the body releases retained water, and stops retaining it.

    Then, the typical fat storage reduces due to healthy food choices, and increased metabolism.

    But, there is a plateau, at least for me, the third and forth week holding strong at 222 to 224.

    I was at 238, so, no complaints.

    For week 5, which starts next Tuesday, for me, my plan is to eat cleaner and minimize the little naughty's that result from giving in to weakness.

    Crack down on the portion sizes, and plan ahead a little better.

    As I scrutinize the patterns I set in the last 4 weeks, I see room for better planning, and choices.

    And, to focus on self-discipline/mental strength.

    I will be posting my before, and 4th week pics, which ends Monday.

    But, you, just like me, got a kick'n start.

    Keep proving to yourself, what we already know!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry