NO more Excuses!

  • Put the DVD in....pushed play and worked out...Insanity day 38...DONE!!!

    Take DVD out of player...realized i just redid day 37's I'll be doing the day 38 workout out before lunch after I give my body a chance to recover a bit from the first workout.  :)

    It's a hard workout but so very worth it.

    After seeing the knee doc yesterday I have reduced the leg moves to low impact with less jumping but was still able to pull 2606 steps and 21 minutes of registered activity on my arm band :)  I'll give it a week or two on lower impact and in the meantime I will tweak my diet to have reduced calories matching the reduced number of calories I will be burning.  I really really love my bodymedia fit armband :)  I have one of the older models that you have to plug up to the computer to get the info but I still love my armband :)

  • What have you done over the past 40 days?

    Me....I have been changing my life :)   Working out, eating clean foods, cutting out processed foods, changing the way I look at food, and working out some more.  

    has it been easy, NO! not always

    has it been worth it, YES!  always!

    I have been working on my "No Excuses" program that I made for myself and have been getting much finished but I feel like there is still sooooo very much more that I need to get done.

    I don't feel like I'm at the point I would like to be in getting healthy so I am going to kick it all up a notch :)   All that can happen is I get better faster :)

    Right now I am keeping my workouts at a lower impact and I have really really noticed a difference on the scale.  When my armband gives me a full hour of vigorous activity each day I notice a large drop in weight and inches.  With the lower impact I am doing right now I am still getting activity but it's doesn't reach vigorous, I am still growing a LOT of muscles, and losing fat and's just at a more 'normal' rate.  

    So.... I have to decide if I am going to push through no matter what my knees and feet feel like or am I going to keep it low impact till I am below 200 pounds like my knee doc said he thinks is wise.  he says the pain in my knees and feet that I have been having that is different from my normal pain is just my neurophy acting out and it's not an injury.  he is worried I could hurt myself doing to much with the amount of weight my knees are having to support.  

    SO I knocked it down a notch for the time being...... The problem is when I knock it down a notch I notice the massive pain I get from my neurophy I have to pick which pain I am going to allow to be around right now as I work to get healthy :)  

    The fact is the more I work out the less I have overall you know what I will do is just give it till Monday but then on Monday I am kicking it all back up to be as high impact I am able to handle :)  It's working for me and I don't like to change things that are working.

    In other news in my life.....I have decide to write a book.   I have soooo much knowledge about being healthy, getting healthy, and staying healthy that I have learned over the years that I have decided I need to just put it all together and share it with the world.  thinking I'm going to make a cookbook or a diet book that deals with health issues that I have dealt with and over come or learned to live a fruitful life in spite of what I'm told I am or am not capable of doing.  :)  We all have to realize that just because someone tells us we 'can't' do something due to physical limits does not mean we can't work at it and learn to accommodate our lives in a way that will allow us to achieve anything we set our minds too.  Sometimes you can't do things the way everyone else is doing them but  that doesn't mean you are not able to find a way that works for you that will allow you to achieve your dream.  :)  

    just because I know what needs to be done doesn't mean I have always listened to myself...and that my friends is another thing I can write about.  I know I'm not the only one that has gone through the things that I have been through that have landed me in the place i am in today.  But I also know that some of the people that have walked in shoes like mine are still trapped in the place I was trapped only a few short months ago.  It's time to stop the cycle and get healthy!  If by writing what I am going through and what I know is able to help one person to become a better person and more healthy it will be worth everything :)

    In the mean time...i have been looking for healthy recipes I can make and then freeze so I don't have to cook all the time and so that people that are eating frozen boxed meals can make their own without all the extra chemicals... Today I found a great one!.  :)

    How are you all doing?  what have you done this week to make your life better and the world a better place?

  • Insanity day 45...DID IT! I did not feel like working out today....just didn't feel like it....I almost skipped my workout...but my amazing friend Cassie PMed me and asked how my workout went today....I felt bad not having already I did my workout. :) THANK YOU Cassie for giving me the kick in the bottom I needed to get going!

    Today I took a plank challenge....the challenge was to stay in plank for 2 minutes....I made it 1 minute 11 seconds....How long can you stay in plank?

  • 53 days of insanity and working out and eating clean :)  I have not reached the point I was hoping to but I have gotten much much stronger and wiser :)  My weight stalled at 217-221.....then it started going up...I was sleepy alllll the time and falling asleep.  My legs and feet swelled up and I went to the doc.  

    Turned out it was all because I had stopped taking my thyroid Meds.

    back on my meds and feeling sooooooooo much better.  After just 24 hours I could tell a major difference in my energy level and mind clarity :)  Been back on the meds for 2 days now and getting back on track with everything :)  Even made it over here to blog. :)

    so everyone...if you are having problems with eating right and working out but you just can't get the scale to go down...get your doc to check your blood.  The three things that have been a big factor in my health over the past year has been Vit B's, Testosterone , and thyroid hormone levels.   All three things were way to low...not they are all getting back to where they should be :) and I once again feel like Me :)

  • Kerry, thank you and your husband for your sacrifice!  I live in Pensacola, FL which is a Navy/Marines town, so I see service men and women all the time.  I have such admiration for those that serve and their families that give so much for my benefit.  Not to mention your diet/workout advice kicks ass too.

  • Awesome!!!!

  • Thank you Rocky13  :)

  • I"m getting sooooo much stronger than I was :)  been really working hard and working out for 59 days now :)  The changes I have had in my life are beyound what I could have imaged :)   I can't wait to see what the next 5 weeks will bring :)