NO more Excuses!

  • Today is Ash Wed. For those that follow the different rules of Lent how about joining me and give up excuses for Lent. If you don't follow Lent you are still welcome to join 

    Think about all the things we can get done if we just do that one little thing. 

    If you don't feel like working out it excuses allowed.

    If you want to justify why it's ok to have that french fry...don't have more excuses

    Don't like the way that healthy veg tastes? eat it more excuses!

    Lets get those counters cleared off, dishes washed, those clothes sitting in the laundry room that need to be put it! NO more excuses!

    Get that floor mopped, fill out those papers, get the last of the needed papers to file your taxes, no more excuses

    Lets get those things laying around the house resulting in endless clutter put in boxes and sell them on Craig's list or ebay or even donate them to a local more excuses

    what if you go to church but haven't had time to go on a long's time to return to your faith...NO more excuses!

    Are you in a bad toxic's time to do something about out help...go to whatever you have to to fix things or get out of the toxic relationship...if you are married...and you are not being hit...fix the relationship...if you are married and being hit...GET's time to leave! NO more excuses!

    If you are not married and you are in a bad relationship...GET OUT! You deserve better! No more excuses! 

    Love matter what! No more excuses!

    Be the person you have always wanted to be! NO more excuses!

    Try it between now and Easter...see how No more excuses can change your life!

    Join me on this Lenten journey to find a better way of doing things and removing all excuses. 

    I CAN do this and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

  • Way to go and best wishes on your Challenge. I will be starting my next one on 8 April to 1 JUl, that gives the gym time to level off from the NEw YEars Resoulutionists for the year. I am still working out right now with cardio and machines right now. About excuses..... If you have to make an excuse not to do something you should be doing THEN it probably isn't a good excuse to begin with is it??  Keep MOving FOrward!!!

  • :)  Way to go Bill!   How many challenges have you done? And how are you liking the results?  I bet you are getting great results since you keep going :)

    I've been making me a list of things that need to be done...and then I get them finished before the end of the day :)  getting a lot done with my 'No Excuses allowed'  

  • I did not want to work out today....I just didn't want to do it...BUT

    I did it!

    I pushed through!

    I gave it my all!

    I feel soooo great for doing what needed to be done :)  YEAH ME!

  • Hi MaryH!

    I'm glad to hear that you did not give in to excuses!  Do you have a support system there?  Someone to call you to see if you actually worked out?  That might also help on those days that you just don't want to go.

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • Thanks Kerry!

    I have a super great support team.  :)  Here at home I have my hubby and both kids that are really really being great!

    When there is laundry that needs to be done or dishes that need to be done my hubby will jump in and do them and tell me to take the extra time I get from not having to do them to work out :)  The kids have stopped asking to go out to eat and when I get tempted...they remind me why I really don't want to do anything other than stick to my plan.  :)  The kids make sure and always have their toys picked up from the area I workout in the house.  (not always great about them in other places) But my workout area is always clutter free and ready for getting fit.  :)  We all go out and walk/run and the kids keep pushing me harder by running just a bit ahead saying...." You can do it MOM! Catch us!"

    when we are going places everyone looks for the parking spot that will allow the most steps getting into and out of the store and we walk extra places rather than drive just so we can get in a bit more steps.   Any day I haven't felt like going on our walk the kids will not even hear of it so we always make it out...sometimes when the rain is bad we do workouts in the house.   I also have a lot of friends and family on facebook that are being very supportive.  

  • That is AWESOME!  I know that my support team (husband and daughter) made it even easier to stick with it.  I love to cook, but I HATE making dinner after a long day at work and then a gym session..  so my husband always gets home while I am still at the gym and has dinner ready for when I walk in the door!  I'm in charge of the week's breakfasts and my daughter takes care of our in between meals.  We are a strong team.  I'm so happy to hear you have one too!  :)

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • Way to go Kerry!  Sounds like your hubby and daughter are really working to help the family stay healthy.  :)

    I bet they are very proud of you for reaching your goal :) and still sticking with it :)

    Today I did zumba and tossed in day 32 of Insanity.  What workout did you do today?

  • Wow oh WOW did I push it harder than ever today.

    Was able to get out of the house and run my hill today and then this evening Zumba.  Yesterday Core Cardio DVD was a great stretch after zumba so I decided to do it again today.

    Put the wrong dvd in the player and ended up doing Pure Cardio.  Wow oh WOW did I get an amazing workout!

    I didn't realize the mistake I had made till almost 15 minute into the workout when Shawn T say, "Is anyone else as nervous about this workout as me?"

    thought about stopping the taps and just restarted the workout with the easier DVD but then decide to see if I could push my way through it. and by golly I DID! Yeah ME!

    By the end of the workout I was feeling like I did the first week doing Insanity...really tired and just forcing myself to do just a bit more...the a little bit more...till I was finished :)  Sooo glad I finished my workout even though it was much much harder than I had expected.

    For those that don't know insanity workouts.....comparing core cardio with the pure cardio workout is to me  about the same as the difference between walking to the mail box to get the mail and running a 5k.  Yep...that's how I look at pure cardio...that is a challenging workout.  But...I DID IT! and after just finishing a full hour of zumba :)  YEAH!!!

    Oh yeah!  on my hill running today....took 12 seconds off my best time :)  WOOT WOOT!

  • This morning I woke up....brushed my teeth...put on my shoes....and pushed play on the DVD player...Then worked out.  :)

    I really love getting a workout in the first thing in the morning.  Then the rest of the day all my movement and workouts are just added bonuses towards my better health.

    We CAN do this everyone!  :)  Keep up the great work!

    When you go shopping for food what does your cart look like?  Do you have more boxes or fresh product?    Pick life...pick fresh fruits and vegs and your body will thank you!  :)

  • They are very proud of me..  and even better??  We are a stronger family for it!  Let's see..  the 28th was Thursday, so I worked legs.  :)

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • Zumba??  You are CRAZY.  LOL  I don't have the group coordination to do Zumba.  LOL  My best friend loves it and keeps trying to talk me into it.  It does look like fun, but I would probably hurt someone!  You sound like you are doing amazing!  Keep it up!!

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • Grocery shopping is sometimes a pain here.  My husband is a U.S. Marine and we are stationed on Okinawa, Japan.  We are limited to on base shopping unless we want to pay $$$$ to shop on the local economy.  Even still..  produce is EXPENSIVE.  We spend about $200 a week on groceries for 3 adults because of the produce costs.  Our cart consists mostly of produce, then frozen chicken breasts, turkey bacon, ground turkey, egg whites, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and OJ.  LOL  :)

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • thank you Kerry!!!

    Pretty neat that you are in Japan :)  My sister's hubby was stationed there in the late 80's :)

    I bet you would have a great tiime at zumba :)  

    Sounds like your shopping cart is full of very healthy things :)  Way to go!

  • Today I saw my knee doctor.

    Good news is the pain I'm having isn't anything I have to worry about.  It's just my neuropathy acting out in a new way.

    he did say I need to be very mindful of what I'm doing high impact till my weight gets lower as it's very hard on my joints having to carry the extra weight.  he suggested I modify my moves a bit more so it's more on a low impact level for my lower body.  he gave me many great suggestions on adjusting my workouts.  I don't have to stop insanity, or zumba, or my hill, or any of the other things I have been doing...just have to be careful and listen to my body so I don't end up with a knee or foot injury :)  

    So for now more leg lifts in place of the jumps...but will get to a point where I can safely jump as much as I want :)

    Insanity day 37....WOW...I did it!  SO CAN YOU!