***** Breaking Poor Health Chains in 12 Weeks *****

  • Hello BFL Family,

    My name is James and has made a decision to enter and complete the challenge. The reason I made my decision is that today, I have become an embarrassment to myself by being out of shape having an appearance that is depressing not to mention numerous chronic medical conditions. To fully understand how I arrived to this predicament today I must go back in time where it began.

    I was a service member for over 26 years.  During that time I was fortunate or unfortunate to have many deployments around the world including the Middle East. I did fairly well maintaining the minimum fitness standards for the military.  Then in 2011 when I concluded that chapter I accepted a job that would allow me to provide for my family.  As we all know family comes before everything including our own best interest. This new job requires very frequent travel as I was on business travel about 40 weeks in 2012.  Due to this travel my eating habits and regular exercise became something of the past.

    I am now three months away from 48 years of age and need to do something drastic to turn things around and achieve that best body possible. Since the conclusion of my military career, I seem to develop more health problems that directly relate to my overall fitness. If I were asked to rank my current level I would have to say “Life Threating”.  This is because of my multiple conditions such as one lung removed, reactive airway disease, Sleep Apnea and now I have been put on oxygen when I sleep and during exertion. Additionally, I have upper extremity tremors, arthritis’s in my neck, knee and hip.  So, with all of these problems I am really going to need the support of the BFL family and maybe even perhaps a coach.  As with most middle aged men, I need to slash the midsection, lose lots of fat while improving the tone, strength and overall endurance (I currently have none). I have lost my way and will use this to get back on track and capture that high self-esteem I once had.

    The reason for starting this post is because I feel the BFL family can inspire, motivate and be there for moral support. I am asking for guidance. I am totally dedicated and determined to complete this challenge that will begin for me on 11 Feb 13. I have been reading as much as I can about the program trying to educate myself.  Supplements have been ordered and should arrive by Monday.

    Thanks you for listening to me ramble in this post




  • Good for you Jim! You have made a decision, and now you must stick to it.  You  will be amazed at what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it!

  • Hurrah for your determination in the face of such obstacles!! You are an inspiration to all of us on the site, feel free to ramble. Remember "The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with but a single step"  Keep Moving Forward and ask for advice and help from all here as your continue onwards!

  • Thnaks for the words of encouragement.  I took today to conclude my program development and ready to hit it in the morning.  Thanks again....So, how is yours coming?

  • Happy Sunday, well ready to hit the ground running.  Pictures taken and measurements documented. I weigh today 268, 29.8% BF... SO, Let's get ready to rumble .....   Thanks for the note.... BTW where are you in the program?