How I stopped smoking

  • Smoking ....  very very bad for all of us...not just for the person that is lighting up but also for everyone around them.  Even when a person leaves the room and goes outside to smoke the poison sticks to your cloths and you return to the room making those around you sick....even if you can't see the effect and the damage that is being done it is happening. 

    This I know is true and that's why I decided to stop smoking....that and the fact that my kids and hubby really really wanted me to be more healthy.

    Aug of 2012 while at the shop where I always bought my smokes the owner told me about a new product he was carrying.  Electronic cigarette.  I had heard of them but never tried them.  He was telling me how much better they are as there is no 2nd hand smoke...just a water vapor.

    I bought some...along with my normal smokes.... I tried them...

    The come in many different levels of  nicotine ...I picked the 16s and the 11s. 

    They were not bad....after 3 days I was really really missing my normal smokes so I went outside and lite one up....on my goodness!  It tasted soooo bad I just put it right back down.  I had gotten the taste of smoke out of my mouth and now I just couldn't handle the taste.  So there were headaches (lots of water helped) it wasn't as bad as stopping smoking totally but it was better than the patch (which I had tried )

    I found having the electronic smoke in my pocket all the time and knowing I could have  nicotine anytime I thought I needed it was helpful.  By December I had dropped down to using the 11's and the 0's.  the 0's have a very very small amount of  nicotine.  I had decided that January 1st I would stop buying anymore refills and totally quit.   I did stop buy the smoke shop once this year and picked up a pack of 11's and 0's.  I had been using the 0's only for about a week and when I tried the 11's I didn't care for them anymore so I put them down and just stayed with the 0's.

    Right now I have one refill of 0's left then I will be all out......and since I have been noticing I have been going longer and longer without reaching in my pocket to hold my electronic smoke I know I'm ready to stop totally. 

    Is it it worth it...YES!

    Now I'm working on getting my weight to a healthy level and I know that no longer smoking is a really big step towards my new healthy lifestyle.  :)

  • Hi Mary

    Well done on giving up the smokes.  I've been smoke free for two years now and it's the best thing I ever did.  I used the nicotine patches to give up.  Feel more healthier and wealthier without them.

  • Thank you Toffeeman!  Great Job! Too you for being smoke free for two years!

    It does feel great without them.  And when I get a cold it doesn't linger forever in my chest anymore.  :)  It's great to be able to workout without smelling the smoke in my sweat, not coughing as much, and I have found my allergies don't bug me as much since I have cleared out my system.  :)