• I took my 6 week pics (couldn't find my camera for 4 week) and I saw great results on my back- My back and arms were defined with muscles making an appearance, and the rolls were totally melting away- but my stomach had NO change. Still the belly I'm trying to get rid of. I looked at the pics side by side and literally no change. 


    I have to admit I have been really slacking on working my abs- but still- shouldn't dieting and exercise melt some of that fat away??
    I also have decided that since the treadmil hasn't shown much progress, I will do my work out video that focuses on abs (really makes me sweat). 

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hey Stacey,

    I suggest that you go to www.hussmanfitness.org and read his posts concerning training and nutrition.  Also, there is alot of anecdotal evidence to suggest that women who do body for life may not see large results for 8 weeks or more.  So don't be discouraged.  Also, regarding the training, I would suggest you not ad lib your cardio.  Stick to the pan that BFL outlines.  I use the treadmill for my cardio and use the speed and eleveation to insure I reach my high points.  Believe me, if done correctly you will sweat on the treadmill as well.  Eat right, work hard and you will be rewarded.  

    Finally, remember this is body for life not body for 12 weeks!  So work hard daily, but think long term.


  • Stacey, go to my profile and look at my pics.  Same thing.  I was so dissappointed when I took my 4 week pics.  The only place you notice a difference is from the back.   But on my 8 week pics you can see my belly went down 3 inches.  That happened sometime during week 8.  I woke up one day and went into the bathroom to get dressed and glanced in the mirror and thought....where's my belly?   Took measurements and 2 inches off the waist, 3 off the middle (naval area) and one off the hips.  Weighed myself and had lost another 2 lbs.  It happened like magic overnight (at least that is how it seemed to me).   Hang in there....it will come!

  • Stacy-I was the same as Heather...really noticed the changes about 9 wks and beyond...

    YOU can do this thing...head in the game lady!! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • So when you say  "I have really been slacking on my abs workouts", exactly how many workouts have you missed?  

    I took some progress pictures once after slacking on my abs and the first thing that screamed at me was the fact that I HAD slacked on my abs.

    You don't need to change anything other than DO YOUR ABS WORKOUTS.

    You are just to the halfway mark, so commit to yourself that you will not skip another ab workout the remainder of the challenge.    It's not the program that isn't doing what it's supposed to... ;o)

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Thanks guys!

    Champsters- When I say slacking on my abs wkouts, I mean I do my lower body workout... quads, hamstrings, calvs, but... when I work out my abs, I kind of do it half heartedly. I do the crunches, sometimes holding dumb bells, but I never do it to feel the burn and I do the same exercise every single time. I looked up some ab workouts today and think I'll try to focus on them more in my next LBWO.

    Stacy Lynn

  • I found that I was slacking on my abs when I did them after my LBWO.  I think the workout is already almost an hour with the abs and by the time I got to them I was ready to be done.   So I started doing abs after my HIIT instead.   I don't know if that is exactly the right thing to do but I think better to work them then and REALLY work them than to half a$$ it after LBWO.  Maybe a thought for you?

  • Hmm... Heather- do you mean you work your abs after cardio?? I was really wanting to do that yesterday but stopped myself :(

    Stacy Lynn

  • Yes I do my abs after cardio.   I'll be interested to see if anyone can see a reason not to.  

  • That sounds like a good idea to me- just like you had mentioned- I get really tired an worn out after the rest of the LBWO. I'm ready to take a break and eat, so I usually speed through the rest of the reps in the ab routine. What kind of ab exercises do you do?

    Stacy Lynn

  • I've been doing decline crunches holding a weight on my chest and leg lifts.  I've been looking for alternatives too.  LIke you I never felt they really got worked.  After I declined my bench I did feel sore the next day.   Legs had a good idea about using the chin up bar and lifting your legs.  I found some straps at Walmart that are made to do that.  You put your elbows in the loops and hang from the bar and then lift your legs to work your abs.   I might just pick them up this weekend.

  • I'll have to look more into the chin up bar thing too.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Hi Stacy,  I agree with Todd4au - I am on week 12 and just saw results in my stomach within the last 2 weeks - but BAM, they were fantastic results!  My belly was always my problem area, so just keep on doing what you're doing - you have to be patient with the problem areas - that will come in time.


    "Without struggle there is no growth"

  • Stacy815: I read yesterday that for chin-ups you dont think so much about pulling your chin to the bar, but think about pushing your elbows to the floor and that makes them easier. (ya whatever!)

  • Heather: my stretchy band is about 5 feet of tube with handles on either end. I flip it over my bar and stretch it to put feet in handles. This helped tremendously with the hanging bent or straight leg lifts for abs.