BFL since June, 2007; I may have an injury: how do you work out when you cannot put a lot of weight on your legs? Is there an alternative to running cardio??

  • Hi folks.  BFL since June, 2007. I am a huge success story: lost 85 lbs in less than one year through strict diet and exercise;  but have re-gained 10 Lbs. in the last three months.  I have a problem with an injury:  slight numbness in foot and what feels like a hamstring pull.  My physician said he does not believe its nerve damage but wants me to stay off heavy running, pounding jumping until we can sort this out.  He did tell me that I could lift if I remained sitting.  

    In the last three months, I gained 10 lbs.  I am still over-indulging on free day.  Rest of the week I am strict BFL.  I am really concerned that I am going to lose everything if I do not get back into the gym.

    Does anyone have a cardio suggestion that involves a good cardio workout without pounding the feet?  I thought about swimming but its not a favorite, and I detest getting wet during the winter months for some reason.  It seems to lower my body temp and I end up eating like a starving animal.

    Also "Free Days" really haunt me.  I try to limit bread during the week to less than three servings a week, but on the weekend I seem to eat everything in sight.  The house is loaded with snacks for the kids, and I seem to eat them up between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.  I know this Super Bowl Sunday will include new temptations.

    Can anyone offer practical advice on controlling diet on Free Days?  I do crave the bread, cookies, pie and pizza.  My goal is to eliminate wheat from my diet, but until then seem to devour it on weekends.  I am destroying every thing I worked for.

     Your sincere response is most appreciated and welcome. Thank you very much for your kind advice and encouragement.  It helped me so much in the past. 








  • Hello Farmgate

    Great job on losing the 85 pounds!

    Very sorry you are not able to go the way you use to.

    I have a few things that may or may not help.   First be sure and take a b vit supplement.  If there is nerve involvement it will help...( I say this because I have nerve damage and one of the first things my doc did was have me take a lot of b vits. )

    2nd for cardio

    When I'm at physical therapy the warm up is normally on a bike but I am not able to ride a bike so they have a machine that is like a bike but you use your arms.  You can sit if you are able or you can stand up and do the arms.  It will give you a cardo workout if you push yourself.  Works your back and chest really well also :)    I don't know what the machine is called but if you Google 'arm bike machine' and go to images you can see many different types of the machines.


    If you can, get a bodymedia fit armband.  You can get a used one on ebay and it will work just as well as the newer fancy ones.  It will let you know how many calories you are burning everyday and if you log your food you will be able to make sure you are not eating more than you are burning.  If you don't eat more then you burn you can not gain weight.  I have an armband and find the info I get from it is soooooo helpful.  for me it really helped me not eat to much on free days as I could see just how much I was burning vs how much was going in to my body.  

    Hope this was helpful and praying you are all healed very soon. :)