Losing weight too fast?

  • Hi there,

    I started the challenge a week and a half ago. I only have 5-10 lbs to lose. I'm small - but most of what is on my body is fat, not muscle. Even though I only started off at 113 lbs (I'm 5'2), I was at 31% body fat which is not good!

    In week one I lost four pounds. Is that too much too fast, especially since I have a small weight loss goal? I still have fat to lose, but I want to make sure I"m not losing muscle as well.

    I obviously can't keep losing weight like this. Will it stop on it's own as I gain muscle?

    Should I increase the amount of calories? And if so should I add protein or carbs?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Hi brooklyngirl, you sound similar size to me. I'm 5ft 1 and weigh 112 pounds. I've been losing 2lb per week so far,  but on the last challenge I did I pretty much lost what you did in the first couple of weeks.

    I think drinking more water helps as you stop retaining fluid, other than that it must just be a lucky start and will probably settle down on week 2/3. Maybe you will find you won't lose anything for the next two weeks.

    If you are following the plan I'm sure you are doing everything right. See how  you go next week on the weight loss is what I would do and go from there. If its still a great loss look at improving your portion sizes.

  • Thanks Clare, that's very helpful.  How much did you lose in your first challenge?

  • I only managed 8 weeks, but lost ten pounds, felt and looked great, went away for the weekend and fell off the wagon. Lol

    I lost four to start in week one and then nothing for couple of weeks, then the rest came off.  Ideally would like to be about 105 pounds, muscle permitting, what about you?

    I'd packed in smoking which led me to put weight on and as you will know being short, it goes on easy!!! BFL has been the only thing that's shifted that weight.  Is this your first challenge? X

  • Brooklyngirl,

    How about your eating? You must eat good, otherwise you won't be able to lose weight. If I were you, I wouldn't worry so much. Just relax and see what happened.....

  • Clare - I started a challenge several years ago and lost a few pounds, but I was in college so drinking got in the way of completing it! :) This time I'm really committed and working towards a goal for my wedding/honeymoon.

    What week of the challenge are you on, or are you done? I would ideally like to be about 105 as well, with muscle. I carry almost all of my weight in the middle, so my main goal is to see some ab definition for the first time in my life. Even when I was very thin (but didn't have any muscle) I still had a tiny bit of extra weight around the middle so it's really hard for me to imagine getting it off! Trying to keep the faith though :) Are you seeing a lot of change in muscle tone?

    Liyee - I'm eating pretty well but I don't feel hungry every 2-3 hours so I should probably do a better job of making sure I get it all in. I also hate vegetables so I'm thinking about getting a juicer to see if that makes it more tolerable. Thanks!

  • You're welcome.

    If you want to grow muscle, you will need to take protein powders. Even though you aren't hungry, you want to make up the protein powder for your body. According to the book, you also must take the protein powder on everyday.

  • Hi BGirl,

    On my first challenge I started off at 122 lbs after quitting smoking. Did 8 weeks of BFL and went down to 112.

    Fell off the wagon, put 4 on, spent about 3months half starving myself to shift that four, then put 4 back on over Xmas!

    So am still lighter than my first challenge with less to lose, but this is the only thing that works! I swear!

    I'm like you, carry weight around my middle - short waisted as well as short - and on my arms! Oh my god I hate bingo wings! I reckon I'm the fattest thinnest person I know!!! Is that how you feel? It's possible to be small and flabby. Just goes to show though that scales don't matter, my friend is nine stone and is like an iron girder.

    Congratulations on your wedding! Have you chosen your dress yet? Where are you going for a honeymoon. You should choose the smallest bikini you can find as motivation! Lol wish I'd been more toned on my wedding day. First place I always see definition is my shoulders, I hear that the fat on your stomach is the last place to come off. Not sure I'm doing enough ab work. It's a tough place to sort out for a woman.

    Am on week 3. The free days and the feeling you get after a workout make it all worthwhile. Although am so wired I don't sleep and I look like crap!! Haha

    Are you going to post pics? Is your fiancé doing it with you?


  • Clare,

    Yes, it is definitely possible to be small and flabby. Yuck! It's like every pound you gain is immediately visible on your body!

    I already see a difference all over my body but I can tell the stomach is going to the the hardest. My arms are already smaller so that's good but the tummy needs some work :)

    I have my dress already - it's strapless - and we're going to Hawaii for our honeymoon! So that's some hard core motivation right there.

    My fiance is a runner and in good shape so he's not doing the challenge. I think I'm going to substitute some traditional work outs for Jillian Michael's 6-week Six Pack DVD. Have you heard of it? Cardio + some serious ab work!

    Are you planning anything special to celebrate when you're done with the challenge?

  • Oh you lucky thing, your honeymoon will be amazing. I'm the same as you, arms and legs firming but tummy still refusing to budge just yet. I haven't heard of that workout, I'm in the uk so may not have it here. I do need to work my abs more though.

    Not planning anything amazing. Although I do have an image of wearing all the summer clothes at the bottom of my wardrobe that I couldn't wear last year.  I'd also like to go swimming with kids and hubby without trying to hide in the water. Lol