Justacetoday Accountability Log

  • Week2Day6- only 31 cardio, 15 UBWO, 15 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: made it to my second free day- wow. I made it. No cheats, no skips. Never thought I could. Having a potluck at church so today (Sat) is free day. Had takeout from my favorite Chinese buffet- was exactly what I wanted....yum. Went to the potluck but was still full so ate a little here and there. Skipped dessert because I REALLY wanted brownies (they have been on the fridge list all week) and made them when we got home and..... they sucked. Wrong recipe. Did not taste right so I had the one I tried and skipped the rest and "brownies" went back on the list for next week's free day.

    Hubby and I talked about it. Free day is for those things that you absolutely are looking forward to and substitutions are disappointing. He wanted pizza for lunch but wanted a specific kind- Wick's Pizza here in Louisville. If you haven't had it its uh-mazing. He got a different kind instead because he wasn't near Wick's and was disappointed cause it wasn't want he really wanted. We both agreed- those are some wasted calories. So next time we get what we really are wanting on free day.

    70 days to go!

    *no workout- nice break!


    11:00 Breakfast- glass of milk and 3 Krispy Kreme glazed donuts (they were on the fridge list too- got 4 but only ate 3, they left a weird coating inside my mouth)

    3:00 Lunch- Chinese buffet takeout- a little of EVERYTHING...so good, diet coke

    4:30- diet coke, handle of chex mix

    6:30- potluck- little bit of chili, with a little cheese and sour cream, carrots with a little artichoke dip, piece of cornbread, handful of Frito's, grapes

    9:00-  1 sucky brownie and 1/2 waffle with syrup and butter (homemade belgian waffles were on hubby's list so we made waffles when we got home too)

    WATER- not enough, sooooo thirsty all day

  • Week2Day7- only 31 cardio, 15 UBWO, 15 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: Sundays are going to be the hard-to-get-to-a workout day- its becoming a pattern. All my grad school work is due by 11:59 every Sunday night this term and church is in the am so it becomes screwy. I didn't feel well after church so lay down for a nap. Was going to go for a run for cardio tonight but its raining and cold and I really can't afford to get sick right now so I will get both cardio and LBWO in tomorrow. Kind of bummed- its the first workout that isn't on schedule. Really wanted the cardio in before noting results after 2 weeks tomorrow. Bummer but I really don't feel well.

    Going to bed.

    69 days to go- in the 60's!!!!

    *no workout- will hit cardio tomorrow w/ LBWO


    9:00 #1- lite cheese stick, 1 apple

    1:00 #2- 1/2 c eggbeaters, 2 whole eggs, 1 slice ww toast, butter spray

    4:00  #3- protein shake

    8:00 #4- turkey burger, half a sweet potato, steamed broccoli, 2 avocado slices

    not getting #5 and #6 meals in- going to bed :(

    3/4 gallon of water

  • End of Week 2 Update: Total lost- 7 lbs

    Beginning weight- 252

    Week 1- 248

    Week 2- 245

    NOTES- I was going to measure but hubby thought we should wait until 4 wks to avoid any kind of disappointment. I'm happy with progress so far. I've been heavy for quite a few years now so I know its not going to come off in 2 weeks. Free day really throws a curve in the final numbers. I'm typically heavier by 2-3 lbs at the beginning of the new week than I was on the morning of free day. Hmmm, not sure its worth it.

    Changes I see and feel:

    *some definition in my calves

    *some definition in my biceps (actually discovered I do have biceps- always a plus), looks like I will not have loose skin hanging off my arms as its pulling in and filling with muscle...DEFINITE PLUS)

    *a solid layer of muscle under the layer(s) of fat in my legs, biceps, and caps of my shoulders

    *pants are fitting a little looser

    *cravings are gone, really not hungry as long as I eat every 2-3 hours.

    *feel more alert in the morning (huge for me as I have never been a morning person)

    *walking with a confident, strong stride rather than the "waddle" I had developed due to all the extra weight (ewww)

    *feel confident in the gym on the equipment and treadmill

    Good things happening all around!

  • Week3Day1- only 30 cardio, 15 UBWO, 14 LBWO to go!

    Week 3 here we go

    NOTES: caught up the cardio I missed yesterday with the scheduled LBWO. Was really tired but pushed through. Cardio and LBWO on the same day is a killer, still I could have pushed harder at the end of the treadmill workout. Ended up being probably an 8 instead of a 10. Push harder next time.

    Hubby and I were discussing free day. We are both heavier by 2-4 lbs after free day and it takes roughly 2 full days of clean bfl eating to pull it back down and start moving forward again. While free day keeps me motivated to eat clean the whole week, I don't like the after-effects. May slowly switch over to a free meal instead of a whole free day as I have read others have done.

    Still not feeling well, was exhausted after working out. Need to make sure I am eating enough. Goal for the rest of the week- get meal #6 in every day and more vegetables.

    68 days to go- in the 60's!

    *5 min warmup jog at 3.7

    *LBWO- hit all 10's

    *cardio HIIT- 20 mins on treadmill, up to 4.5 for about 30 sec.


    8:30 #1- 2 HB eggs, 1 slice ww toast, butter spray

    11:30 #2- greek yogurt, lowfat cottage cheese

    3:30  #3- 4 HB eggs, 1 1/2 yolks, 1 orange

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    8:00 #5- 2 lite cheese sticks, 2 sm clementines

    9:30 #6- grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, sm sweet potato, sauteed peppers and onion in sm amt of olive oil (could feel the olive oil in my mouth...weird)

    1 gallon+  water

  • Good Morning Alison!

    7LBS Down!!  Way to go!! :) **Cheering**

    Way to push through the rough spots!  I had to double up one of my workouts last week too, cause I was feeling like I was a touch under the weather too, and I missed a workout all together! My work schedule has been insane!!  Life throws us obstacles, it's how we handle them that is the key!  :)  Tomorrow is always a new day or the next hour is a new start!  

    Free Days are nice to have so you don't feel deprived but it is a double edged sword.  I haven't had a free "day" yet, just a reward snack or meal.  I just don't want to go two steps forward and then one step back after a week of eating clean and working out!  It really is hard work to be committed to being fitter and healthier....but SOOOO worth it.  Sounds like you and hubby have a great support system in each other!  

    Unfortunately, I can't find the Bumblebee brand of tuna or any foil packs for that matter!  I live in a pretty small town of 12 -15K people so we are pretty limited here.  That's ok, cause Hubby and I will be heading to Spokane, WA soon, maybe I can find them there.  I love shopping in the USA.  Compared to Canada, the choices are abundant and way more variety than what us Canadians get to shop from.  For me to get to a large city center I have to drive a minimum 3+ hours (closest being Spokane, WA across the boarder).  That said, I love where I live - beautiful country with a great outdoor lifestyle!

    Keep focused and things will happen!

    Cheers :)


  • Thanks Lohnny! I love your encouragement...:)

    Its amazing you haven't taken free days- go you! I can be by-the-letter if I know that free day is coming. I do hate the 1 step forward, 2 steps back free days give- we'll see if I can ease out of it.

    I'm sure you will find the tuna packs in WA- look for Starkist too, they are just as good. I'm enjoying keeping up with your log- you are always moving forward and so positive- I love that too.

    We are well on our way!


  • Week3Day2- only 29 cardio, 15 UBWO, 14 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: sooooo tired, pushed through cardio and started the second week of the running program. Legs still sore from yesterday's LBWO. I am beyond tired- I don't think I'm getting enough protein and carbs. Not surprising with missing the 36 meals regularly. I need to look into the exact amounts in the meals I'm eating. Still on track though.

    67 days to go

    *20 mins HIIT cardio, up to 4.5 on treadmill- sweating like crazy!

    *ab bootcamp workout- made it through one set

    *personal running trainer/20 mins- week2, day1- wow, hard


    9:30 #1- protein shake

    12:00 #2- greek yogurt, lowfat cottage cheese

    2:30  #3- protein shake

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    7:30 #5- protein shake

    9:30 #6- 1/2 c eggbeaters and 2 whole eggs, sauteed peppers and onion in sm amt of olive oil, 2 T salsa, 2 slices ww bread w/ butter spray

    1 gallon  water

  • sorry- in notes above, I've been missing the #6 meal many days, uhm not 36 meals- I wouldn't be tired, I'd be dead...lol

  • Your posts really motivate me.  Just the thought to ace today and not worry about tomorrow or day 20 or day 32 or even day 84.   Just today.  Also, glad to hear that others have to double up sometimes--I can't be perfect but I can try to be consistent and for me that means doubling up when I can and if I can't--pick and do either weights or cardio and get back on track.

    Thank you and please keep them coming.  

  • Whitiedawg,

    Thanks so much! Its true, if you look at how far you have to go it can be very discouraging. I'm just sticking to the plan meal by meal, workout by workout and trusting that the plan will work for me like it has worked for so many other people on here. Just today...:)

    How great that you get back on track so well. I struggle with perfectionism and in the past its been easy for me to throw in the towel if I get even a little off track. I will remember what you said the next time I'm tempted to give up!

    Good luck in your challenge- you can do it! And if you already are able to forgive yourself for being human and correct your course when you slide to be consistent, you are ahead of most of us- go you!


  • Week3Day3- only 29 cardio, 14 UBWO, 14 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: feeling less tired today thank goodness. Hubby picked up some Laura's Lean Ground Beef to have for dinner before we all actually turn into chicken breasts from eating so many. Get this- Laura's 92% Lean Ground Beef has the same amount of calories as 93% lean ground turkey and only 1 gram of fat more than the turkey- who knew??? Will definitely start adding beef to the lineup. Made homemade sweet potato fries tonight and we all agree they were better than those fatty imposters in the bag! Lohnny- I made your taco seasoning and hubby gave it two thumbs up! It was so good and I love the cumin in it.

    Switched more exercises over to free weights in my UBWO. Do you ever do this- I go to pick up the next heavier dumbbell for the next set and start thinking "its too heavy, I don't think I can even do 2 reps let alone a full set, maybe I should go down a weight." I was doing that tonight but I went ahead and tried anyway, and guess what? Could do it every time. Every time. The lesson here- don't listen to that voice anymore. It lies.  

    66 days to go

    *5 min warmup on elliptical (all the treadmills were taken)

    *UBWO- hit all 10's- I'm liking dumbbell kickbacks for the triceps!

    *5 min cooldown jog on treadmill at 3.8


    10:00 #1- greek yogurt and lowfat cottage cheese

    12:30 #2- protein shake

    3:30  #3- 4 HB eggs/1 1/2 yolks, 1 orange, handful of cherry tomatoes (they were so good!), cut up raw veggies- broccoli, caulifower, carrots

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    9:00 #5- grilled lean beef burger, steamed veggies, sweet potato fries

    11:30 #6- protein shake

    1 gallon  water

  • What people are really thinking about you in the gym.............

    I think I'm like most people starting out here. I'm out of shape. Heavier than I want to be. Embarrassed by my size.

    Venturing into the gym for the first time is intimidating. It seems like everyone is fit, knows what they are doing and are looking at me wondering why I'm in the gym when I obviously don't belong there. I avoided the treadmill for a week because I was sure I would look like a bassett hound trying to run, flopping all over the place. I switched my scheduled UBWO for a cardio day that first week because there were big guys over in the free weight section and I was too embarrassed to go pick up the weights and grab a bench to workout on, sure I would look like an idiot checking my papers on my clipboard to know what to do.

    Well, I'm still big (for now) but I won't always be. I'm pretty sure I do look like a bassett hound when I run...but I run anyway. And the big guys are still there, only now I grab my weights, my bench, and my clipboard and focus on MY workout.  

    I'm in the gym 6 days a week now for a couple of weeks. This week I noticed a husband and wife that have started to come in to workout. They are big- bigger than me- and obviously uncomfortable with the equipment, the gym, themselves. But they are there. And I look at them. And you know what I'm thinking about them..... that they ROCK for being there. That they're awesome and I'm cheering them on. I bet they don't think that I am thinking that, not in a million years.

    So the next time you wonder what those other people are thinking, remember this. You rock. And smile to yourself.... because I bet they're cheering you on....

  • Alison YOU DO ROCK!!  I love the posts!  Your stories are so inspiring!  Thanks for sharing.



  • Week3Day4- only 28 cardio, 14 UBWO, 14 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: My daughter was home sick with the flu today so I stayed with her, and wasn't feeling so hot myself. Lots of Zicam hoping to stave it off. Took a nap, slept 3+ hours, and woke up feeling MUCH better (hubby says I could sleep off the plague if I slept long enough...lol). By the time he got home I was ready to go to the gym. I didn't want to miss a workout today and have to double up cardio and LBWO on the same day again. Had sweet potato fries again. Lohnny, seriously, that taco seasoning recipe is soooo good. Hubby is thinking bfl tacos.

    Hubby and I were off to the gym after dinner in a snow storm. Had it all to ourselves and got some great cardio in. I'm not a fan of cardio- its hard when you are this heavy, think how much extra weight you are running with! Can't wait to be lighter and more conditioned and actually enjoy running. One of my goals was to run a 5K by the end of 12 weeks. We'll see. It may be more like running 1 mile without stopping as its taking me longer to get through this running program. That's ok though, I see progress and I will get there eventually. I crossed the bridge this summer into Indiana while the Louisville Ironman was going on and saw them swimming underneath us. It was awe-inspiring. Maybe an Ironman by 50? (I'm 44) Big dreams...

    65 days to go!

    *20 min HIIT cardio on treadmill, up to 5.0 for 15 sec

    *abs- 6 sets on situp bench

    *personal running trainer, Week 2


    9:00 #1- 1/2 c eggbeaters, 2 eggs, 1 slice ww bread, butter spray

    12:00 #2- protein shake

    2:30 #3- protein shake

    8:00 #4-grilled turkey burger, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli, tomato, 2 slices avocado

    10:00 #5- protein shake

    almost 1 gallon  water

  • Week3Day5- only 28 cardio, 14 UBWO, 14 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: Well, there had to be a first time...can't be perfect forever. Didn't get make it to the gym to get my LBWO in. Schools were cancelled this morning due to the snow storm and the roads were a mess so I couldn't make it in before work, work ran late, and had to scoot over to a friend's house who were expecting us for dinner. The good news is I navigated my first dinner out while sticking to bfl eating. We were originally supposed to go on Saturday but they were going to grill fish which is perfect bfl so we asked them to switch to Friday (NOT having grilled fish on free day) and we would bring the sides. Worked great but we had planned on leaving around 9pm so we could get to the gym. Didn't happen. I'm afraid I had my eye on the clock the later it got. By 10:30pm I gave up. Got home around 11:30 so no workout.  

    Saturday is free day and I don't think I can get a workout in. Sunday is schoolwork all day- its a struggle to get one workout in on Sundays, let alone two. I'm worried. I have been feeling so good and gaining momentum. But when I get knocked off track its easy for me to de-rail completely. Must choose differently this time.  

    64 days to go!

    *NO WORKOUT :(


    9:00 #1- 1/2 c eggbeaters, 2 eggs, 1 slice ww bread, butter spray

    1:30 #2- protein shake

    3:30 #3- protein shake

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    7:30 #5- grilled trout, plain wild rice, spinach salad w/ 2 T balsamic dressing

    less than 1 gallon  water