Justacetoday Accountability Log

  • Week1Day7- only 33 cardio, 17 UBWO, 16 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: can't believe I made it through first week of BFL with no cheats, no skips....woohoo me! today was good to get back to bfl eating although my stomach was upset most of the day- aftermath of yesterday's eating I'm sure, didn't get all my meals in- I'm getting my Masters and everything was due today so I kept forgetting, ended up getting a cardio run in at 11:30pm in 20 degree weather- lungs hurt but I'm sure my body didn't hit a 10.

    76 days to go- amazing in the 70s already!

    PM workout

    *Cardio run/walk/jog- didn't hit a 10


    10:00 #1- oatmeal and scrambled eggs (2 eggbeaters/2 whole eggs

    2:00 #2- lite chees stick, 1 apple

    4:00 #3- lowfat cottage cheese, greek yogurt

    7:30 #4- grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, sweet potato- I missed you all!!!

    11:30 #5- protein shake

    3/4 gallon water

    6:30 #4- protein shake, 1/2 banana added (note: no more bananas)

    7:30 #5- lite cheese stick, small orange

    8:30 #5- grilled chicken breast, small sweet potato, steamed broccoli, red onion and green pepper sauteed in small amount of olive oil

    Water- almost 1 gallon

  • whoops- last part of that post was a copy-paste error! only had 5 meals,,,lol

  • Week1 Food tips to pass on:

    *water packed tuna pouches are your friend....hubby prefers the salmon ones

    *a sweet potato every night for dinner seems to make the meal...IMHO...:), a little butter spray, a little truvia...yum

    *when boiling eggs, add a few extra minutes to the boil time if you have lots of eggs in the pot otherwise you get soft boiled eggs- I don't mind but hubby was creeped out  

    *switch up types of apples- once your palate clears apples taste sooo good- try ambrosia apples- yum

    *buy frozen chicken breasts in bag or box from Sam's or GFS already sized in 6 oz pieces for perfect portioning, take however many you need out for dinner- they thaw in about 15 min., you always have some on hand

    *stock the freezer with turkey burgers- buy a double pack of ground lean turkey at Sam's and make the whole pack up into burgers (we add oregano, garlic powder, onion powder), vacuum seal by food saver into a meal portion for dinner, ie 3-4 burgers per pack and freeze, will thaw in about 15 min for dinner on the foreman grill.

    *Myoplex Lite RTD have a weird aftertaste I just can't do- I split one regular Myoplex RTD into 2 shakes- 8 oz one meal, 8 oz next meal- chocolate is great- gives me roughly the right amt of protein and carbs per meal and the top is a twist off so you can re-cap it

    *fill water gallon in the morning, make sure its empty by bedtime

    Hope these help someone- I love all the tips I've found on here!

  • Lohnny,

    Started following your progress- looks like you're doing great! YAY for us...:) CAN'T WAIT to see how much we have changed in 11  more weeks. Cheers to us!


  • Week2Day1- only 33 cardio, 16 UBWO, 16 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: 4 lbs down for week 1, was worried that I would have a hard time getting back on track after free day but no problems, still going strong. Hard to believe it is week 2 already. Having a hard time hitting tens on the UBWO exercises that I am doing on machines rather than with free weights, keep upping my weights but can't seem to get it sorted out. I am not very sore and feel like I should be- I WANT sore muscles...lol. Am going to switch over to free weights for those exercises at the end of the week and see what happens then. Food is starting to get a little monotonous so will be cracking open my copy of eating for life to change it up.

    75 days to go!

    PM workout

    *5 min warm up jog on treadmill at 3.7

    *UBWO- hit some good tens on some and not on others

    *5 min cool down jog on treadmill at 3.7


    9:30 #1- lite cheese stick, 1 apple

    12:00 #2- tuna, cherry tomatoes, 1 slice ww bread

    1:30  #3- protein shake

    4:00 #4- 4 HB egg white w/ 1 yolk, 1 orange

    8:30 #5- grilled chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms in small amt of olive oil, steamed broccoli, sweet potato

    10:30 #6- protein shake

    1 gallon water

  • Week2Day2- only 32 cardio, 16 UBWO, 16 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: good to be back in the groove, cardio was a 10, added the run/walk program after on the treadmill- its 8 degrees out, NOT running outside. I don't feel like my ab workout is doing much so will be switching over to the ab bootcamp series next week, have read good things from bflers about it- I want to feel those muscles after I work them.

    74 days to go!

    PM workout

    *Cardio- hit a 10, up to 4.9

    *Personal Running trainer- Week1 (lost a couple of days of the program so still on week 1, will move on too week 2 next week)



    10:00 #1- cottage cheese, greek yogurt

    12:00 #2- protein shake

    3:30  #3- tuna pouch, 1 HB egg, 1 apple

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    8:00 #5- turkey burger, baked sweet potato fries, salad with broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, tomato- no dressing, 2 avocado slices

    10:30 #6- protein shake

    1 gallon water

  • Just Ace Today -

    Very curious about something, if you'll entertain me?  I looked at your profile, didn't see any history of you doing BFL before, or files, etc.  You seem to be pretty on the up and up with your documentation, goals, accountability, food, water, etc, etc, etc.  

    Did you just research the heck out of this program and plan like a maniac, or have you done the program before?  You are really ahead of the curve, makes me think you have some sort of experience prior to this that you could share with others who hit stumbling blocks on their first challenge.

    Thanks in advance for anything your willing to share!


  • Thanks so much for the compliments! I made several attempts at BFL about 12 yrs ago, a long time. Had some success but never finished a full 12 weeks. I kept notes of everything I did and still had them to pull out and reference (I know, after 12 yrs, crazy I still have them).

    I had been thinking about starting another Challenge for about 6 months and have spent the time poring over my notes, this site, bfl tracker, my old bfl books, bfl blogs for motivation and tips- come to think of it, I need to pull out those old body of work vhs tapes I still have around here somewhere...lol. Although it has been years since I have done this, it feels different this time. I am much heavier now (life!) but I have a great support system in my husband and daughter that I did not have then. My husband and I are doing this together but we work out separately, eat a little differently during the day, etc.. We bounce ideas off each other, what is working, what isn't, what to change (he and my daughter are OVER grilled chicken breasts!) and it is making a big difference in my success in keeping to the program. This log is becoming a great tool to keep me accountable as well- it helps to see the full day in writing. I like counting everything down- its motivating!

    What is working for me this time around to get into the groove:

    *keeping the food simple to start with while I get the hang of the rest of the program.

    *getting some patterns going- I pack the same lunch box, with the same food in the same Tupperware containers, etc- I don't have to think about it- it takes no thought and very little effort to pack food for the day ("day food").

    *pack an extra "meal" in your day food. I normally eat 4 times by the time I get home after work- I pack 5 or 6 meal options in case I get stuck somewhere and in case I don't feel like tuna right then, I have another choice. If I don't eat them I put them in the fridge and repack the next day. Those flat freezer packs are the bomb- I think I got mine at Walmart. 2 will keep everything cold all day.

    *have everything on hand to pack for day food. I boil extra eggs while making dinner if we need more and keep a bowlful in the fridge. I like breakstone cottage cheese and greek yogurt in the individual packs. A couple pieces of fruit, a pack of tuna, a couple of cheese sticks, some hard boiled eggs and a myoplex and I'm packed quickly, with options.

    *make it as easy for yourself as possible. Its only the second week but I now have plastic forks and spoons, pepper, a gallon jug, and lemon juice at work- don't have to remember to pack them anymore.

    *don't sweat the small stuff- I did that before and always got de-railed if my schedule was thrown off and I didn't do it perfectly by the book every time which is why I never finished before. I'm cutting myself some slack this time. My greek yogurt has fruit on the bottom- I like it that way so I pick the ones with the least amt of sugar and the most protein and go with it even though some would say it should only be plain non-fat. If I don't hit my 10s on one exercise, I don't quit- I note it in my log and try harder next time and I'm changing things as I get farther into it and learn more.

    *that being said- FOLLOW THE BOOK as closely as possible in eating and exercise. All these amazing transformations you see happened because of this program. I take great comfort in seeing all these normal people change their bodies and realize that most of them knew as little as I did about all this when starting out. If the program as written did this for them, it can do it for me. Stick to the book. I'm betting that yogurt will become plain nonfat at some point soon...:)

    *write everything down- especially while working out. I have a little clipboard with my papers on it- I kept losing them when they were loose so the clipboard holds everything together even between workouts-it stays in my workout bag with a pen (Walmart again- less than $2). I have all these little arrows and exclamation points on my workout pages copied from the book telling me if I need to up my weights the next time or if I hit a 10. After all who remembers it all for every exercise the next time you do the workout??? Not me. My notes help.

    Hope that helps- I have high hopes for myself with this Challenge! I know we can all do it!

    Have a great day-


  • Week2Day3- only 32 cardio, 16 UBWO, 15 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: great LBWO- finally hit all 10s! still amazed that I can actually jog for 5 mins straight on the treadmill for a warm up, food was good except......read the back of the bag of frozen sweet potato fries we had yesterday and I picked up again tonight for dinner. No wonder they tasted so good- 8 gms of fat per serving!!!!!!!! and sugar!!!!!! Damn- I ate those two days in a row. We started eating sweet potato fries a couple of years ago and when we started them I always cut fries from whole sweet potatoes myself to bake so it never occurred to me to check the bag cause when I made them they were healthy with no added fat. Duh. They were good tonight but never again- too bad because, they were so easy. I'll have to cut them and freeze them myself from now on. Ah well....

    73 days to go!

    PM workout

    *5 min jog warmup- at 3.7

    *LBWO- hit all 10's- woohoo!

    *5 min cooldown jog at 3.7


    10:00 #1- cottage cheese, greek yogurt (yes, I am a creature of habit...:) )

    1:30 #2- tuna pouch, red onion, 1 HB egg, 1 apple

    3:30  #3- protein shake

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    8:30 #5- turkey burger, baked sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli, 2 avocado slices

    10:30 #6- no meal cause those sweet potato fries were enough for 2!!!!!

    1 gallon water

  • Week2Day4- only 31 cardio, 16 UBWO, 15 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: a day that could have gone astray but didn't!! Car broke down on the way to an appt. I was going to have to wait for hubby to get off work to come help me get a tow truck sorted and the car over to the shop anyway so I decided to hoof it the rest of the way to the appt. Took me 2 seconds to decide to get in my cardio for the day and lock up the car and start walking- something the old me would not have done!! Took 40 mins of a very brisk walk to walk what normally takes less than 10 mins to drive (so appreciate my car now) and I was only 5 mins late to my appt...nice, especially because 10 mins in I realized it was ALOT farther than I thought it would be and really had to pick up the pace. If I had had my running shoes instead of dress shoes on, a hat to protect my ears (it was really cold out), and no purse to carry it would have been perfect. Hubby picked me up after and we went back to the car to wait for the tow truck. 4 hours later we were still waiting but were ok because I had packed lots of day food and guess what, we didn't miss one bfl meal (and didn't add Burger King which was just down the road). We rock, yes we do.

    72 days to go!

    *cardio- 40 mins very fast walking


    11:00 #1- 1/2 c egg beaters, 2 whole eggs, 1 pc whole wheat toast, butter spray

    1:30 #2- lowfat cottage cheese, greek yogurt (note: pack napkins, eating this while driving is messy)

    3:30 #3- protein shake

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    7:00 #5- 1/2 c egg beaters, 2 whole eggs, 2 T salsa, 1 slice ww bread, butter spray

    9:00 #6- roast chicken, steamed broccoli, sm sweet potato

    1/2 gallon water- didn't drink enough b/c sitting in the car waiting is not conducive to urgently needed bathroom breaks!

  • Week2Day5- only 31 cardio, 15 UBWO, 15 LBWO to go!

    NOTES: woke up feeling bloated, not sure what is going on because food is all pretty much the same, I did have 2 slices of ww bread yesterday when I normally have a slice every other day or so so maybe that is it. Will cut it back and see what happens. My husband is such an inspiration to me. In the last few day he missed a workout due to scheduled dental work and a cardio due to the car fiasco yesterday and so after work he made it to the gym last night at midnight to get them caught up so he wouldn't be behind. He didn't get home until 3am. Commitment. Of course he says I inspired him by walking to my appt yesterday (he thought I was nuts to do it b/c it was cold and he knew how far it really was) so it goes both ways. I think that is why we are succeeding this time around. Finally go my UBWO sorted out and am sore. Upped weight and switched some sets from machine to free weights and that seemed to do the trick. Didn't get in #6 meal, don't feel like eating that late, must remember that I need it and just do a shake.

    71 days to go!

    *5 min warmup jog on treadmill at 3.7

    *UBWO- hit all 10s

    *5 min cooldown jog at 3.7


    9:00 #1- 1/2 c egg beaters, 2 whole eggs, 1 T salsa, 1 pc whole wheat toast, butter spray

    12:30 #2- pouch tuna, 1 HB egg, red onion, 1 apple

    3:30 #3- protein shake

    5:30 #4- protein shake

    8:00 #5- chicken breast, steamed broccoli, sm sweet potato

    3/4 gallon water- slacking on filling my water jug- guesstimating is not working to get enough water. FILL GALLON JUG DAILY

  • Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

    *Preheat oven to 475 degrees

    *Peel then cut fresh sweet potatoes into fry-sized strips (do not use prepackaged frozen in a bag- too much fat and sugar)

    *Spray baking sheet with cooking spray and spread fry strips out on sheet in a single layer.

    *Spray with cooking spray (butter Pam) and sprinkle lightly with Taco seasoning (still trying to find a blend with less sodium- maybe make a homemade one)

    *Bake fries for 10-15 mins, flip and bake another 10-15 mins or so until crispy

    *Must be baked at the high temp to get crispy, watch so they don't burn (hubby likes the burned ones though...:) )

    We love them!

  • Alison,

    Love reading your posts!  You are so organized with everything!  I'm totally impressed :)  

    Something I realize that I have been lacking in and need to work on is the food/diet part of the bfl.  What brand of tuna packs do you buy? Where do you find them and are they foil packs or tins?  Thanks for the Sweet Potato Fries Recipe.  I'll have to try it.So smart to pack a few extra meals for variety or for an emergency.

    I KNOW your going to do exceptional with this challenge!  Your dedicated, determined, organized and inspired/ing.

    I only see great things for you!

    Keep up the wonderful posts and awesome work!

    Cheers :)


  • Alison,

    Found this taco seasoning recipe online, maybe a good alternative to the packaged ones?

    Ingredients for Homemade Taco Seasoning:

       1 tablespoon chili powder

       1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

       1/4 teaspoon onion powder

       1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

       1/4 teaspoon dried oregano

       1/2 teaspoon paprika

       1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin

       1 teaspoon sea salt

       1 teaspoon black pepper

       In a small bowl, mix together chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, oregano, paprika, cumin, salt and pepper. Store in an airtight container.

    I think I will try it as well :)


  • Lohnny,

    Thanks for the recipe! I am going to try it this week- it looks awesome. Its amazing how much sodium is in those packets.

    I have always struggled with the food so I understand. The tuna is usually Bumblebee in the flat foil packets. Make sure it is the water-packed kind, not oil, and with nothing added, ie. mayo, sauces, etc. They have 2 sizes right now, a small and a larger size. I use the small size. Hubby likes the salmon ones but they have less protein than the tuna. I don't like the way the salmon tastes. He also likes the albacore tuna packets, I eat the chunk light. The albacore has a drier texture. I take a tupperware bowl with a lid with some chopped red onion in it. Then open the tuna packet and mix it in with the bowl with the red onion, fluffing it up so it is all separated. Add some lemon juice and maybe a chopped HB egg and either eat it straight or on a slice of ww bread. Pretty good.

    There is a blog called ChickenTuna that we really like. The chick has an amazing body but its her attitude about eating I love. She's really honest about making the choice with what you eat and how it doesn't taste as good as a chocolate cake but its not supposed to but you make the choice. Its even easier when you have a BFL free day to look forward to each week!

    You can do it- we both can!