Females over 200lbs

  • My weight had gotten to 254 but had already lost down to 234 before starting this challange a few days ago.  

    I was at 217 the last week of November of this past year I had been gaining a LOT of weight.  Turned out my hormones were way off due to going through pre menopause.  Started off getting a hormone implant the last week of Nov. which shot my levels back to normal but it was so quick I had a few side affects gaining a LOT of weight was one of them.  I went from 217 to 252 in less than 30 days.  My levels are finally level and normal and my weight is starting to go back down.  :)  I'll be so glad when the scale shows below 200 pounds again.

  • Wow Mary, I can't imagine how frustrating that would be.  Glad to hear the weight is going back down.

    I didn't get my workout in yesterday--or at least not a BFL workout.  However, walking a 70 lb doberman (or being walked by a 70 lb doberman) should definitely count for something.  Walked him this morning and will have to do the same this evening since my husband is out of town.  Getting in some serious cardio with him dragging me around the neighborhood.

    That said, plan to double up today and tomorrow on the BFL workouts--cardio and lowerbody today and cardio and upperbody tomorrow. Have to go out of town on Friday to help my inlaws move, but will get back on track Monday morning. Not striving for perfection here--just consistency.  

    May have to use the elliptical some for cardio and bummed out about that.  My calves hurt SO bad when I run.  I hope that losing weight will help that problem.

    We can do this ladies!

  • Thanks Whitiedawg!

    WOW Big Dog!  

    I bet your calves will just keep feeling better and better :)

    I've been doing the insanity program for  cardio.  it's hard but it feels soooo good each time I am finished.

    Keep up the good work. Consistency will win the race :)  

  • So got off track last week with a major sinus infection that laid me out until today.  Getting back on track with my eating and will start back to the gym tomorrow.  Frustrating but will not stop.  That's life.

  • I'm over 200 -- about 207.  I'm on week 4 and have only lost 1 pound so far.  Looking for inspiration!  I have been good about the exercise and sticking to the recipes/meal plan.  I've never weighed this much before and I'm 42, so if I don't lose it now, I don't know if I'll ever do it.  I am optimistic since the exercise and meal plan are not too hard. I can handle it.  I just wish the pounds were peeling off -- even 1 pound a week would make me happy!

  • Whitiedawg soooo glad to hear you are feeling better! Drink lots of water and work back into the workouts slowly and listen to your body.  :)  You don't want to have a relaps.

  • ZK2013  Great job sticking to it.  

    I have to ask you if you have had your doctor check your hormone levels?  Last year I keep gaining weight and then when I started working out it made the weight stop going up but it still wouldn't go down.  

    I am 43 now but was 42 when all this started.  My problem turned out to be a hormonal imbalance due to going through pre menopause.  It took going to a hormone specialist before a doctor was able to pinpoint just what was out of balance.  I started getting treatments...and after the first negative reaction (doesn't happen to most people) I have been doing much much better.  Now I am finally seeing a decrease in my weight and a huge increase in my energy level :)

    If you haven't already had a doc give your levels a test you might consider having the blood work done.  

  • Hi there!

    I wasn't quite at over 200lbs when I started, but pretty darn close. The day I started, I weighed in at 192... but in the weeks before that I fluctuated between 192-205. It just so happened that on the day I started it was a lower weight day.  

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • I am 5 ft 9 at 213lbs. I have recently has 2 children and am dying to lose that baby weight. I started about 4 weeks ago at 225lbs. There was actually a week that i gained about 2 lbs. The best way I have found to keep track and also to keep up your motivatio is to measure inches.

  • Way to go KERRY!!!!!!!!

    You are an inspiration to us all!  :)

  • I find measuring inches a great way to keep motivated also Wrkinmama!  :)  

    I've also started snapping a pic of my face after each workout.  :)  it's fun to watch the changes :)

  • Thanks MaryH!!  :)

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • You're welcome Kerry!  Congrats on winning!  YEAH KERRY!!!!!!!   We are in the same age division :)   Next year I am gonna be right there with you :)

  • I have been over 200 lbs since I gave up my gym membership where i was hovering around 194 (still not happy, but at least I was working out!).  I had to quit for money reasons and I lost the childcare that was getting me there more often.  Now I go to a less expensive gym but have to try to get there when the 3 kids are accounted for!  BFL is my plan to get back on track.  Would love to get down to 175 by summer.  I'm going to check out Michelle Simpson's story now!

  • Love the idea of hiding the scale in the closet.  I get too obsessed with the daily changes.  I may try that this time.  

    And congrats to Kerry!  

    And Sharon Wonder Woman , it's good to hear you are doing well....I remember you writing to me last year when I was doing my last challenge.