A Bipolar Cynics Log

  • Things I Liked over the Weekend

    • You know how when you look at yourself, despondently, in the mirror and you do that one arm up, twist to the side, suck in, back straight "hey, I look ok" kind of pose.  Well I did that and i DID look ok, for the longest time, that pose made me still look like a flabby beyotch
    • Did a run first thing Saturday morning, felt good.
    • My toaster has an attachment that softboils an egg while the toast is cooking, I love this.
    Things I hated over the weekend

    • What I looked like when I let my gut fall in the mirror
    • That both weekends I didn't eat well, I even ate chilli and lime cornchips that were kinda gross, but hey they were there.  I need ONE designated binge day decided ahead of time.  This week it shall be Friday
    • Still ridiculously emotional - oh god issue 100 of Walking Dead.

  • Things I Hated Yesterday

    • The two shirtless ripped teens wandering around town, seriously guys it wasn't that hot there was not need to get the abs out
    • The water tap at work is broken, I had two cans of pepsi max at work and nothing else to drink :S
    • After the gym, spent rest of night in my room because I just wanted to avoid as much social interaciton as humanly possible, it was just a frigging monday
    • The andorid version of Fitocracy is crap compared to the IOS version
    Things I liked yesterday

    • The adverts for 500g (about 1 pound) of butter I saw yesterday, made me realise I ahve several of those floating around my waste, and stopped me buying any junk food
    • Decent weights workout, will be sure to do heavier weights end of the week though, feel it is time for an upgrade.

  • Things I Liked Yesterday

    • Food was good, still rocking my satay tofu and brown rice creation
    • Got my walk home in, plus cardio was a good day
    • Weight is going down steadily
    Things I hated Yesterday
    • Treadmill was so hard, I only put my difficulty up by 0.2 but damn i nearly didn't make it, traiterous brain didn't help
    • Once Upon a Time made me cry, that is ridiculous
  • What I like about your Thread

    The Things you like!

    What I don't like about your Thread

    The things you hate.....

    You are a great writer and very witty, wishing you would go back to your original format of daily reporting, there was so much less negativity and self deprecation, miss that!!


  • Things I Hated Yesterday

    • Well I found out who was stinking out the gym, because he was there this time.  There was no possible way I could do a lower body workout as he was using all the dumbbells and seriously if I got near him I started gagging.  I now hate guys in singlets.  However it wasn't a total loss as I still got in a good run on an incline on the treadmill
    • I went back on facebook for a few hours and started trying to be normal, and utterly just batshiz crazy freaked out, had to delete everything again.  STUPID BRAIN.
    • I know the bus I am on has air-con, but pretty sure the old lady bus driver either doesn't know how it works, or thinks it wastes power or something, SO HOT
    Things I Liked Yesterday

    • I made it to level 8 on Fitocracy

  • Things I Hated Yesterday

    • Stinkpits made me cut my workout short.  I was all set to do lowerbody today after having to do cardio yesterday, but he was their with his Bro hogging all the weights so I got my run on, and dear god he kept brushing past me to change songs on the stereo and it got to the point where I was gagging!  Guys are gross
    • So much time in my room, didn't even geek out on games, when games can't cheer me up, its never a good thing :(

    Things I Liked Yesterday

    • I did a bit of a weight and measure after my workout (was only a couple minutes short) and while I know I had lost a lot of water weight due to cardio, I am 5kg down and 10 cm off my waist, feeling pretty good

  • Sorry I haven't been up to date, was long weekend here and I couldn't get into the forum yesterday :S

    What I liked over the long weekend

    • That I didn't pig out!  I had my off day on the Friday (Pizza and George Lazenby Bond, you could totally hear his australian accent every now and again) and made myself some vegetarian tacos and wraps over the next few days, was great
    • Had the gym to myself each day, and went, had a great workout, increased speed on cardio and heavier weights all around
    • Definitely lost all my holiday weight, since I am now 10cm off my waist from when I first started.  Still work to go, but definitely the right direction

    What I hated over the long weekend

    • I mangled my fingers putting some weights down halfway through my lunges, I DIDN'T CRY, and went to do some crunches while I held back the tears, still went back to finish off the rest of the lunges.  Its right on the knuckle as well, bandages make it hard to type!
    • Sun kept getting in my eye when playing video games, had to shut the blinds, it was a beautiful sunny weekend and I barely left the house.
    • Its depressing that I am HAPPY to be 85kg, when a few years ago I would have been horrified I let my weight get this high :S
  • What I Hated the last couple of days

    • Crashed hard on Wednesday.  Day was going fine, food was good, then I accidentally stumbled on to info about what my friends were up to.  Basically just living their life, having amazing experiences and growth and changes.  I haven't seen any of them in over 2 months now and it just crushed me.  It is no one elses fault but mine and my stupid brain, but, damn it just really shook me.  This was at work too so didn't really help my mood.  I was actually feeling good as my shirt was succesffully hiding my smaller love handles, and i figured I should try on smaller shirts when I get home...
    • That was a bad idea, got home and getting changed for the gym, figure I will try on a small shirt I used to like, and it looked AWFUL.  just...AWFUL, I made it to the gym, did exactly one set of lunges before I had to go home and have a bit of a freak out

    What I liked the last couple of days

    • While I didn't get to the gym on Wednesday, I did manage to still eat well, I think mostly because I was home before I completley freaked, and I had no unhealthy food to binge on
    • I still managed to do some cardio on thursday, aborted at 17 minutes out of the 20, I could have made the full 20 but...just didn't.  Still, better than crying into a jumbo bag of chips
  • What I liked over the weekend

    • Friday was unexpectedly good, was running a bit late for work and I grabbed the wrong jeans, and on god they fit! Well! I hadn't worn them in a couple years, was over the moon!
    • I had an entire large packet of nerds, they were awesome

    What I hated over the weekend

    • Food could have been better, I had my off day on Friday (maccas) but still had some crackers on sat and sun
    • Mood dove on weekend, barely left room on sat, luckily it hit after I did my lower body on sat morning, but didn't get me to cardio on Sunday which I feel crappy about
    • If you eat too many nerds, your mouth gets sore 

  • What I Liked Yesterday

    • My food was awesome, I felt it had not been up to scratch lately with the occasional snack and what not, so organised everything ahead of time and it was great.  Yoghurt, fruit, tuna, veggie wraps, very happy
    • Great upper body workout, lifted heavier weights and there was definitely room to lift heavier next time as well.
    • There was another guy at the gym same time I was there, but he was great, perfect gym equittuite, wiped down his stuff, didn't hog any equipment, I was the same, it was civil and fantastic.  Just as I was leaving, stinkpits arrived!  Phew

    What I Hated Yesterday

    • Minor brain spasm when I saw that an old friend of mine is back from the UK where he was living for 2 years, and I realised how little changing I have done in that time period while he has lived thousands of kilometers from home, so depressing.  I seem to be forever "Trying to get fit" whenever I talk to him.  Really don't want to see him again until l AFTER I am ACTUALLY fit.

  • What I liked Yesterday

    • I felt skinny, I could see definite changes in the mirror and in pants and it just felt good.  Still a lot of work to do, but I have definitely made a lot of progress
    • Food was excellent again, though trying to wean myself off caffiene failed miserably

    What I hated yesterday

    • Having a lot of trouble sleeping the last few nights, deliberately going to bed earlier to try and get a rest, but just stay awake for hours and its never, ever good thoughts.

  • What I Liked on Wednesday

    • It was a public holiday!
    • I briefly got some sun in the hammock, but it got hot, so BACK TO VIDEO GAMES!
    • I didn't eat junk food at ALL!  I was tempted twice with pizza and burger king, never gave in!
    • Did my leg workout early in the morning, got out of the way and was able to relax the entire day

    What I hated on Wednesday

    • There was something horrible brewing in my head, not sure what it is or when it is out, but it's gonna suck
  • It has been a messed up few days, but I'm still cracking at it.  HAd some pretty bad head (and annoyingly, stomach) moments over Friday and weekend, but coming right now.  Thursday my stomach was too sore to workout, Friday was my day off, I ate SO MANY NACHOS, Saturday was brilliant, fantastic workout, I took a new pre-workout scoop thing and it was amazing.  Sunday, back to the stomach and brain hurt

    Feeling better this week though, Monday was another good workout, and on Thursday I am BUYING NEW PANTS!