One year of BFL later...

  • Here's me a year ago on December 18, 2011:



    Here's me this past weekend:



    I've dropped from 307 pounds to 208. I've been around the 210 level since late October. I showed the pictures of me with the shirt on to some friends and one of them commented that it looked like someone over inflated me and that it was that I got my PSI back to a normal level. Even though I'm 32, I feel like I'm in my early 20's again. I sleep better than I have in years, my lower back pain is gone (when I started I could only do cardio on a bike because my back couldn't handle the whole running thing) and I feel like I'm able to do my job better. I hope over the next year I continue to build more muscle and be stronger.

  • Holy crap man that is amazing!  Must have bene great to get a whole new wardrobe as well!

    Are you going to be seeing people at Christmas that you only tend to see once a year? because that is going to be such an amazing feeling! :)

  • Amazing, you are an inspiration

  • Thanks guys.

    Actually I don't like clothes shopping. It's the one thing I didn't think of at all when I started this new life style a year ago. I have bought new pants and a few dress shirts out of necessity. But otherwise I've tried to keep my t-shirts although some of them don't get worn much anymore and some that never got worn before are getting worn a lot now.

    I got a lot of comments at Thanksgiving. Besides a few relatives living in Texas, Oregon, Baltimore and Chicago, there aren't a lot of relatives who don't see me very much. We are all pretty close. If they didn't see me at Thanksgiving, they probably saw me at the family reunion in September or the other side of the family in August. But yeah, otherwise I will see who I might have missed.

  • Man, that is absolutely incredible.  Congratulations!  So, did you basically stay on BFL for the entire year straight, executing the program as outlined in the book?  Just wondering what you did exactly.  Please share when you get a chance.

  • I basically would do about 12 weeks of BFL in a row and then take 2 to 4 weeks of active rest, which was just eating the same and doing cardio without the weight lifting, instead I would find other things to do during my weeks off, like pushups and pullups and stuff. I took about three weeks in July off and four weeks in November off. The nice thing about the rest was that when I started again, I felt stronger and better after each rest period.

  • Man, that is awesome.  Yes, I know from experience that you must definitely work in some rest, even if it's the "active rest" that you mentioned.  Your body needs time to recover and needs a break from doing the same old workout routine, as well.  Congratulations on the outstanding results.  What are your plan for the coming year?

  • Random Guy,

    Very good.  Time off can be refreshing actually.  And there is a lot to be gained from push ups, pull ups and the seemingly forgotten sit up.  What you have done is excellent.

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • Random Guy,   Great work in just one year. Keep Moving Forward and Have a Great Holiday Season and Fantstic New Year ahead!!

  • My plan for 2013 is to keep doing what I've been doing. Do my best not to fall back in to old habits.

  • Randomguy, you KILLED IT!!! I am sure you know everyone is proud of you!! Keep it up, we can't wait for an update next year around this time. You will probably be all buff!


  • Dude you look awesome.  What a change!  I know you feel better.  I feel like I'm trapped inside my body and I have to shed the outer layer.  You must have felt like you were wearing a parka!   Not too many people can lose 100 pounds and most of them put it right back on.  You really must have pushed it!  Good job.  

  • You look amazing!!! Great job!! I am starting the program for my first time on January 1st. Do you have any tips for me? I'm always pumped up when I start something and then I lose interest. It seems like once I start noticing a small change I get tired of the food and want to quit. Did you ever feel like that?

  • kittykat, I haven't gotten tired of the food. I think that day off every week is extremely important. It gives you a chance to eat what you want for a day, I sometimes eat a bit too much on that day, but the rest of week when it's not Christmas week I do pretty well. I also don't drink alcohol during the week.

  • WOW!  Great, great, great job!!  Keep it up.  You are really an inspiration!!!

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!