How have I GAINED pounds??

  • Hello all Ive started my 'official BFL' 12 week program on November 27th. 2 weeks prior to that I was doing most of the week exercising and nothing consistent with food. Now that I have officially began, Ive not missed one workout. The weekend was a little sketchy as far as eating goes. I did not eat my 6 meals, skipped some meals Friday night and Sat/Sun. I had a few cheat meals as well. Earlier that week I was on point. Monday I started again back on the program. Exercising and my 5-6 meals a day (protein/carb) and trying to get my water in.  When I got up this morning I had gained 2 pounds...very discouraging. I really just wanted to go back to bed. But I got up and did my cardio anyway. Any ideas as to why Im gaining? The first week it happened as well, and I was thinking too much protein? Or that Im building muscle...? But my clothes are not fitting any looser. Thanks for anything that you can offer. 

  • Read your post.  You answered your own question.  You had a sketchy weekend and "a few cheat meals as well". 

    This program takes consistency.  I'm not saying once you're at goal that an off weekend will thwart all you've done, but right now you are trying to teach your body a new normal and for that to happen, need more consistent behavior.

    Also... it's common to gain some at first.  Your body has no idea what's giong on.  We can fluctuate a few pounds each day naturally, some as many as 6.  I personally fluctuate more like 2 during the day.  You have been at it only 2 weeks and weren't completely on plan.

    It's not too much protein or muscle gain.  Sometimes starting a fitness program causes temporary bloat and again, though. 

    Breathe.  Relax.

    Keep at it for the next 4 weeks and then check the scale at week 6.  And... women often respond differently than men, in some cases not showing significant changes until about week 8.  There's even a phenom called the 8 Week Miracle. 

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  • Width is better than weight!  I am up to week 5 and a bit now, and it wasn't until week 4 that my patns started to feel losser, and I am now starting to even see some shape on my chest, but I have lost SOD all weight.

    I have crash dieted before and the weight just dropped off quickly, and then came right back on again.  But every week, my stomach would shrink

    Make sure you weight and measure the same time of the day (and personally for me, the morning after a cardio day is best) as that gives you more of a record.

    It doesn't come fast right away, but it is now coming consistently!

    Also, yeah my weekends were nuts to begin with, do your measurements the morning of your off day, before (as in my case) the BINGING BEGINS! :)

  • Thanks...Ive done BFL before, Ive never finished. In the past Ive never gained. I personally just dont get by not eating the 6 meals a day and having a few cheat meals as opposed to an entire cheat day, made me gain 2 pounds. But I have gotten up and exercised anyway and continued eating.....argh

  • Getting up and working out anyway is a win!

    Remember that one free day is better than cheating several times.  The system is built on sending your body a msg that the free day is not typical.  Also, remember natural body fluctuations.  BFL works if you work BFL.

    Just keeping going and know you can!

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  • Thanks! Your results are great by the way. Im hoping to make big changes and actually finish the program strong. So yep, I got up and got it in. No cheating on my eating but I waited today too long between meals...meaning I only had 3 meals today. I will fit one more in before bed.

  • Fit in one more and accept that sometimes a missed meal happens.  You can do this.  You just have to keep going and not let a pound or two make you question what you know, that this works and will work for you, too!

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  • Greetings 40fitFAB,   Like they all suggested,  hang in there and keep moving forward.  True some of the weight may be bloat but it might , some part of it , be muscle gain.  That;s why Bill Phillips stated that the scale weight is overated and sometimes misread in the realm of progress , do you have access to an OMRON Body fat machine , say at GNC in the mall, try that out, it will give you a better understanding by giving a fat percentage and BMI reading on your results. Hope this helps out.  PS It is best to use a body fat machine before workouts and early in the morning for better info.  

  • body fat machines are akin to using a magic 8 ball


    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!