Comparing BFL Transformations over the years

  • Any BFL transformations across the board are all impressive, but would anyone agree that the first group with lynn, abb, etc the group that put BFL on the map....would anyone agree that their transformations were the most impressive? In terms of aesthetics. Some of those guys either got huge or just really cut and striated.

    I found a couple sites talking with these people, one was a 10 yr anniversary with BFL Champs and not one of them followed the BFL routine by the book. Just wondering what type of plan it would take to get shredded like those guys.

    Definitely not putting down anyone elses pics, they are all awesome, just some stood out to me.

  • The original group used BFL in its strictest form. Some of the them did their strength training split up differently.  One day chest and back with the next triceps and biceps, for instance.  They were followers of Bill's magazine. The book had not yet been written. They didn't do a free day, at least not once a week or a full out one. If anything, it was a free meal. They were far more strict with food choices. The original group would not have considered PB or most of the options listed on the website that weren’t in the food list on page 84 of BFL. They absolutely weren't following recipes like those in the Eating for Life book.

    It was hardcore and intense.

    Body-for-LIFE was written for the masses and the masses don't want too much limitation.  It’s a sound fitness program for someone looking to get healthy, fit, more muscular, more lean, etc.  The program, if followed more like in Bill’s magazine days, was more a bodybuilding program. 

    There’s a lot of variance with BFL.  You can do ultra-strict and get results more like the original winners or you can use Eating for Life.  It’s about having actions that match your goals. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • oh ok gotcha, yeah that makes sense. That would take a lot of dedication doing a bodybuilder routine, especially with the amount of cardio some had to do.

    sounds like a case of get out what you put in.