PRE-BFL help needed

  •  Hello Everyone, I want to do a body for life challenge but have first decided to do a Pre challenge of my own to help me prepare for the "REAL" thing, I know this will also help me with discipline. I have ALOT of weight to lose and am really looking forward to doing this however my mind is boggled with different ideas and was hoping I could get some genuine answers...I'm having trouble with the meal planning aspects...and also some slight trouble trying to plan my workouts as a foot injury will keep me forever off the tredmill the most I could probably withstand is a recumbandt bike.I'm really needing some Ideas I'm so new to this that anything will be helpful!

      Thank you Very Much,



  • Hi Infinit,

    Have you read the Body for Life book?  It will help you a lot with meal planning and cardio options.

    I'd say that if you have a foot injury, a bike or swimming might be good ways to get your cardio in.  It depends on your injury and what you have access to I suppose.

    As far as a pre-challenge, I think you should just jump right into the actual BFL challenge! Read the book cover-to-cover and ask any other questions you have here, and then get started! :) Make sure to utilize this forum, as I think it is really helpful and supportive for the most part.

    Eat clean and work out hard and you'll see major changes! I've had some setbacks the last few weeks, however I'm still seeing changes. I know that if I'd been able to put in 100% the last three weeks, I'd see even better results. I'm about to start week 10 though, and I feel SO much better than before I started this program.  I plan on starting a second challenge at the start of the new year. :)

    You can do this! :)

  • I am with Laura.

    If you have a lot of weight to lose I would just jump straight in to the BFL challenge.  The great thing about this program is that it is very structured and if you plan well you will always know what exercises you are doing.  

    You work your way through this program.  Start where you are and progressively get stronger and leaner.  If you have any questions or need any help please feel free to email me through my blog.  


  • Hi Laura,

     Thank you for your feedback!  I have read the book but it was long ago so I'm definetly going to need a refresher.

    I think one of the main reasons I wanted to do a Pre BFL is I don't want to set myself up for failure, I have aquired more than a few bad habits that I would like to get rid of. I really believe when doing a challenge like this there has to be a great mind/body connection getting in touch with emotions and getting rid of alot of internal garbage and angst.My ideas may be right or they may be wrong but I want to be true to myself when I start this challenge and I know there is much work to be done.

     I plan on using this forum a great deal, I know I'm going to need it. I too am planning on starting a challenge in the new year, I think by then I will have educated myself enough and worked on some issues.

     Thank you so much for your kind words and advice Laura, keep them coming I'm going too need them:)

     X Infinit

  • Infinit i just started the challenge last week i did a "pre BFL" just because i wanted to get back in the grove  last week and this week i just dove right back in..  it kinda came back to me after rereading everything and i just put my mind to do some kind of work out. My best advice is stay organized ! it really does help getting to the grocery store and planning what you are eating - if i am busy and dont have apple cheesestick protein bar or something on hand trust me i am going to pick a BAD choice - remember to eat ! i set my alarm to remind me cuz you get busy and hten before you know it the snack or meal passed and your all off schedule and then you are STARVING . hope this helps stay in touch YOu can do it !