Well, why not? Off I go.

  • I'm not going to post photos, or try to win the prize, but as of last Thursday I have been doing the BfL workouts, both strength and cardio. 

    Since last May I have performed Yoga, Airdyne-ed and earned weekly Cooper Aerobic Points, jogged, used a Bullwroker, and just didn't like where it has been heading.  I have had to realize that staying "in shape" at 48/49 is a lot harder than it was 15 years ago.

    I am glad I have been jogging because it has made the transition to the 20 minute Cardio solution easier.  On the other side, the weight training is making me incredibley sore, and I have been "easing" into the program.  I can't imagine the pain had I jumped in B@lls to the Wall the first couple of workouts.

    So, although I won't be posting photos, I will make updates as regularly as I deem appropriate.  I am in the process of planning a trip to the Caymans in late May so that gives me some motivation.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all...


    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • You're doing it!!

  • Awesome, I am sure you will do great.

    On a side note, I was in the Caymans this time last year.  I absolutely love it there.  They have the best beaches in the world.  


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  • Yes they do, the off season is very reasonable as far as prices go.  Although I have been kicked in the juevos at Stingray Sandbar by a panicking tourist, and another very large snorkler (on another trip) floated into me on one of the manmade reefs and I tried to keep from hitting it by putting my hand out, and met a sea urchin.  Aside from that I love the Caymans.

    On a BfL note, I used my SelectTech dumbells for today's leg workout and loved them.  I should have purchased a set years ago.

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • Yesterday morning was Cardio, my legs hurt enough from the weightworkout that I skipped the treadmill and rode the Airdyne.  They hurt even more yesterday afternoon. Today however I feel pretty good all over.  I'll get to the Upperbody workout a but later.  So far, so good.  I can say that yesterday I kept my Thanksgiving feasting within reasonable bounds.

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • Finished two full weeks this afternoon on the eliptical.  This week I was able to finish my workouts without the debilitating soreness that I was getting the first full week.  

    I haven't weighed, but the mirror test shows some rib, and the clothes test has me wearing shirts, tucked in, and able to do up my drawers without sucking in.  

    So, so far, so good.

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • Jonnie it sounds like you are doing great.

    I was laughing when you talked about the sandbar.  I took my son the first time we went.  He was about 9 and freaked out.  He almost drowned me, lol.

  • Thank you...

    It has been two weeks since I have posted, and I have stuck with the program the whol time.  I feel much better then I have, and have lost a couple of pounds.  The mirror and clothes test seem to be the best indicator that BFL is working after 4 weeks of being on it.

    Truthfully my eating has been pretty sloppy.  I have days where I do well, and then days like ysterday when I ate everything in sight.

    I am finding the Cardio Solution is the most interesting challenge.  This week I concentrated more on the treadmill than the elliptical and got two very good workouts.  And then one workout on the Airdyne.  

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • What a nice week.  I got all of my strength workouts in, and my cardio solutions.  I have still only lost a couple of pounds, but I feel much better, am fitting into all of my clothes, and am not sucking wind when I exert myself.  Someone at work even commented that I look fit.  That goes a long way.  

    I bought the Eating for Life book and just enjoyed the orange protein shake.  Who knew diet orange soda could be flavorful?

    Well, I'll be back next week.

    Everyone have a Happy Holiday season...

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • I slowed down a bit last week, but did three weight workouts.  This week started slow, but I have finished off this week with three strength workouts, and a cardio day.  I nnoticed stepping back last week made me stronger this week.  My sleeping pattern has changed and I am waking up at 5 AM so I am getting my cardio in, in the morning.  The diet is weak at the moment, but it always sems to be.  Overall, my weight is holding steady, but my shirts and pants fit well.

    I have switched up my back workout from dumbll rows and then a set of pull over(s), to pull overs and a set of dumbell rows.  I have a pleasant soreness in my back and triceps today.  I also switched my last set in biceps from the hammer curl to concentration curls.  I tad sore in the bicep area as well.



    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow