deadline to enter 12 week contest???

  • Can anyone tell me with certainty what is the latest date to enter the 12 week contest in order to be considered for the January 31, 2013 deadline?

    The B4L web page was sorely lacking any details regarding this issue:(.

    I mean, hard is it to post that info and make it soooo obvious anyone could see or find it???


  • You've already missed the deadline to enter the 2012 challenge (which is what the January 31 deadline was referencing), but you can start any time to enter the first 2013 challenge.  I think the latest you could have started to enter for 2012 was back in August or September, but I'm not positive.

    I started at the first of this month and found out that I am still eligible for the first 2013 challenge even though I'll technically finish before the end of 2012.  I had the same questions as you at first.

    I tried to find the official dates for the challenges, but didn't see them this time. But you can start any time now and you'll still be entered into a challenge. :)

  • The ending date to enter was August 27. If you start a 12 week program now, you will be in the running for the next year's cycle. However, if you do your 12 weeks now,  to the best of your ability, you may just get a new body as a consolation gift!