Need help on Portion Sizes

  • Hello,

    I need to know how much a serving of veggies are. I eat green beans a lot and on the can it says half a cup is a serving. Is that the same thing as a portion on the BFL plan or what? Also, is skim milk considered a protien or carb and can it be used as one or the other or is it just something extra. I like to eat milk in my oatmeal so does that mean I still have to eat another protien or carb or does oatmeal and milk make a complete meal.

    Thanks in advance for the help.


  • Gina, In the book it says to judge your portions by palm of the hand for protein and fist for carbs. When I am eating veggies I usually just eat how ever much I am wanting and don't worry about portions as they are usually quite low in calories. Under the nutrition tab on this website there is a food list that shows what catagorie most foods fall under. Milk is considered a complex carb. So you would still need a protein source for your oatmeal.


  • thanks for the info!. I knew about the hand and fist but i didn't find anywhere about the veggies.

  • Hi Gina!  I just wanted to point out something about veggies.  You mentioned the might want to limit the canned veggies because of the sodium content, as well as preservatives, etc..  If you are eating fresh vegetables, you can really fill yourself up on them.  I know about the fist-sized portions, but I don't think it is as important to measure out fresh vegetables like that, of course only if there is no oil, salt or sauces on them.  Try garlic, lemon juice and herbs on fresh veggies and eat lots of them.

    Also, about the milk....I like to make my oatmeal with milk, too.  Sometimes I use Skim Plus, which has extra protein, so I don't need to eat as many eggs with the oatmeal. Other times I use almond milk, unsweetened, of course.  I use it in my protein shakes as well.  Low in calories and fat, no protein. A cup only has 40 calories and 2 g carbs.  Just  some suggestions!  Michele

  • Hey,  thanks for the info. I eat the low sodium canned greenbeans but i also eat fresh veggies too.