Thank you everyone! Flatliner - I mean that with my first challenge I was focused on losing fat and keeping my muscle (whereas with most dieting you end up losing both at the same time)...but I mainly wanted to cut my body fat down with my first challenge...and so my goals I set were more bodyfat focused.

I decided to shake things up this time around and instead of doing a 12 week BFL challenge I am doing New Rules of Lifting For Women (it is more like 6 months long to get through all the stages)...and my goals this time are focused on strength gain vs body fat loss.  So the lifting program is a bit different - less cardio HIIT focused but more heavy lifting/less sets. I hope this makes sense! I LOVE the BFL program though and my book has probably now been passed around to 3 different people at work. I feel so good in clothes now and BFL has been such a gift to my life. I may do another challenge after I finish this other program...but I just wanted to "shake things up" and do something different after doing 12 weeks of BFL.  I still follow BFL eating plan/diet though (with a free day) and do both strength training and cardio HIIT style workouts with my new routine. Just a different weight training routine.