12 Week Transformation with Photos - I did it!!

  • Great work and accomplishment robkaufmann!!! Wayyyyy to go, and Keep Moving Forward.  I was about 279 (if I remember correctly) when I first started out several challenges ago and I am now in the 225 range (223 with adjustment for clothes etc)

  • Amazing job girl!

  • Congrast Lynnedays!!!  EXCELLENT!!!

  • Well done! You look amazing!

  • Great job you guys!


  • Holy crap you guys, that is amazing.  Suddenly realise that my self portrait with my phone is not going the cut the mustard

  • Thank you all!

    Yes - MrCynical - def take a good before photo...I made the mistake of only taking a before front..and now I don't have any before back/side photos...and I wish I did...I didn't take any measurements either besides weight which I regret...

  • Great job.

  • Congrats to Lynn and Rob.  You both did amazing!  Well Done!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • You look WONDERFUL! So proud of you! Go girl!

  • Awesome Rob!!!!!

  • Great transformation! You look amazing!

  • Great work Robert you have done a fantastic job in improving yourself and I hope you will continue to Keep MOving Forward with all of us here on site.

  • You look wonderful!  Have you started your next challenge?  When you say focus on strength, do you mean you are going to build a little more muscle?

  • Wow Lynne!!!  Amazing job, whatever reward you promised yourself you definitely earned it!!!