12 Week Transformation with Photos - I did it!!

  • Whoo hoo! I did it- finished my last workout of the 12 weeks and took photos this morning! I'm so excited I kept this promise to myself. 

    I went from 132lbs size 8... to   117lbs and a size 2. I'm not sure what I"m going to do next - maybe another challenge with a focus on strength. Thank you to all who offered words of encouragement and kept me going! It feels great to say "I did it!".

  • Wow! You really did it! Great to see success. Very proud of you, way to go!

  • Amazing, Lynnedays!  Congratulations!

  • WOW!!!!! Lynne, you look awesome!!!! Great job....your hard work and dedication has definitely paid off big time!!! Keep in touch and let us know about your next challenge. Congrats!!!

  • Truly inspirational!!  You look incredible and your results are very impressive.  Congratulations to you and welcome to the small percentage of people who are able to stay focused and dedicated to the completion of this truly rewarding challenge.  

  • Way to Go Lynnedays,  Fantastic effort brought you wonderful results. You should be very proud of this accomplishment and I wish you the best in your endeavors in the future goals as well.   Keep Moving Forward!

  • Welcome to the elite 5%!!!  You did it and you did it well.  You look fabulous!!!  So proud of you.  Enjoy your week of AR and then get out there and get stronger!!!  All those sacrifices paid off; wasn't it worth it??

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thank you to all! As a gift to myself for completing the challenge I went out and bought a new pair of jeans today...and was actually a size 2! Never in my life!! So I guess I can actually say I went from a size 8 to a 2!

  • Wow, you look fantastic!  Congratulations on a job well done Lynnedays!  :)

  • Fantastic.  You look so long and lean.  Well Done!

  • your body looks amazing, but the change in your face speaks volumes!  congratulations!  and good job :)  you earned it!

  • Congrats on all the hard work and sticking with it, you look amazing!!

    Talk about encouragement for someone just starting week 4!!  

  • Good to see a person with normal results (not bulging with muscles everywhere). You look amazing!

  • Amazing!!!!  What an awesome transformation!  Good job-you look great!

  • I have lost over 83 pounds so far and 13 inches off the waist in my first 12 weeks,and about half way through the second 12 weeks about another 11 pounds more as well as 3 more inches off the waist. Moving forward and looking forward to the end of this twelve weeks to see the results again.