8 Week Progress Photos

  • Good job! Real good!. Are you measuring also? I even see a difference in your face, it is slimmer too. 6 pack will be there soon, I know it!!


  • Your midsection is getting smaller and your definitely making progress! I can see a huge difference. Stick with it, you are on your way!

  • Josh you have done fantastic so far! You must feel on top of the world!

  • Grande progresso, estou entrando agora, muita força pra você meu irmão!!!

  • Translation for manoeleonam : Great progess, I am starting out now. Much strenght to you my brother!!


  • Very nice Josh!  Great job.  You have really made some huge strides!!!

  • WOW, Nice Job Josh.....I dont have Ba11s to post my pics..probably not till the third challenge....

    You are on your way to a GREAT BFL body!

  • Thanks everyone.  I am really feeling the changes taking place and this week have been great.  Almost done with my 9th week and I am seeing the pounds melt away.  I have one last set of pictures to post so keep your eyes open for the week of the 12th.  

  • soooo happy for you that you stuck with it. Time will fly by in no time. Looking forward to those 12th week pics.


  • Wow!  I am speachless! I don;t even know you, and I am so proud of you!

    You are a trye inspiration! Kep up the GREAT work!