Pictures - Challenge Completed Today.

  • SEXY LADY!   I have been following your threads on these forums and know that you have been working hard with this challenge.  I think you look great!!! Good luck on challenge #2.  

  • Thank you healthy03. Challenge 2 starting tomorrow, there are a few of us and hopefully the new thread will also continue to encourage you. Much success to you and us as well.


  • good job!  i see your posts all over and boy do you have some motivation!  your encouraging words to others are awesome too.  you look fabulous!  really really!

  • Thank you Heathercita. I hope to continue to encourage you also. Keep up the good work, finish strong.


  • Dress looks amazing, how did it feel to slip into that? :)

  • Thanks MrCynical... it felt GREAT, haha. A friend gave me the shorter one and my belly was bigger and I didn't feel so confident to wear it. So, I saved it to challenge myself to go down to fit better in it, except I procrastinated for about a year. So when I started BFL I pulled it out to make it my motivation. It is always good to have a visual motivation.