This should make a person walk away!

  • I'm putting this out there because I'm baffled to what is going on.Now, for the the last 7 weeks, and the previous 6 weeks before,(total 13 weeks!) the scale hasn't moved. Normally, I would shrug it off and rely on other methods of detecting weight loss such as photos and how my clothes fit. After the sixth  week, I switched up my cardio to old reliable, jogging - running. This has never let me down when I needed to drop the pounds. It has't made a dent in my weight, which has really surprised me considering the intensity level. I've heard of plateus, but this has gone far beyond anything I've dealt with before. Now, I have concluded that all the calories
    i'm burning are through exercise, because currently I am not working, so the calories of everyday going to work are not happening as well. I'm considering a major meal shakeup. But one thing is for sure. I can't see me continueing on this path when the results have stopped completely. Results are what motivates us and keeps us going. I was told to ease up on the weights and increase my cardio in order to obtain the results I'm looking for. Do you agree?

  • What are you eating?  I would verify amounts (verify calorie intake if you have too) and I try not to weigh myself too much...scale doesn't move much for me either, but I notice it in my clothes.  Are you taking a free day?  

  • I didn't weight myself at all b/c the first challenge I actually started gaining weight on the scale, BUT I felt SO good from inside, I had more energy, I was more relaxed AND my clothes started to fit better.  I am sure you have heard it before - do't weigh yourself.  Everyone is different and if you have a lot of muscle to add (which I am guessing you do since you used to do heavier cardio), you will have to put on weight with muscle.  But if you feel like you are not make progress after 2 weeks, analyze your diet.  Your portions could be too big or you may be adding in extra fats or sugars when cooking?  Condiments have lots of calories, so maybe also try 3 days of tracking everything you put in your mouth, and track calories.  I don't recommend counting calories regularly, but if you do this once just for a few days, you will get a reality check and see how easily everything adds up.  And be 100% honest - it is only for you to see!  All the best...don't give up!

  • That is discouraging but I agree with the other replies- you must really monitor what you eat. Even the little things add up. If your diet is as clean it can be and your workouts are intense, you may just be changing your body composition along. I am about 3 weeks into it and the scale hasn't  budged at all- and the past week it even went up a pound. Talk about discouraging IF I let those numbers get to me. It is about how I feel. And I feel so good when I'm eating right and on this program.

    I hope you iron out what you need to do and stick with it. It will get better I'm sure!

  • LizzieH - the way I felt was number one, even more so than my weight, which if you knew me, is a pretty big deal.  The first challenge I did suffer from fear that it just wouldn't work for me, but I kept at it, things tapered off a little after I hit the 6 week mark, but overall I made progress, I felt 100% better by the end, even without my beach body.  Now I am doing my second challenge - again I feel so great on the program (mood, calmness, positive outlook) and I am seeing results even more this time around, so I will not give up.  The first challenge felt like such a drastic lifestyle change and it was more challenging to make it fit my lifestyle, but this time around it feels so natural and I can see myself clean eating, easily, for the rest of my life!

  • I allow myself 4 smart proteins and 5 smart carbs, plus one small chocolate a day and I am always thinner at the end of the week. I am on my last week and just maintiaing now but I intend to do this for life. I feel way better. When I go off of BFL on the weekends and eat what I think I want I usually feel bloated and uncomfortable. I really like eating the BFL way. Its suits me and I love my much smaller waist.

  • Haven't been on for a while, so just seeing this.  First, nobody versed in BFL will ever tell you to "ease up on the weights and increase your cardio."  Lifting weights 3x per week and hitting your 10's is critical to seeing good results.  The other red flag I see is that "after the 6th week, I switched up my cardio to OLD RELIABLE, JOGGING-RUNNING."  Old reliable sounds like it's in your comfort zone.  BFL cardio should be 20 minutes and intense.  Once you modify the program, you're on your own.  As it's designed, BFL has provided great results for literally thousands of people in countless different circumstances/life situations.  I would suggest committing to 12-weeks of by-the-book BFL.  Strict eating and strict workouts.  At the end of that 12-weeks I'm confident that if you've stayed true to the program, you'll see positive results.  At that point, if you feel comfortable modifying something, go for it.  Just monitor your results so you insure you're still seeing results you're happy with.  We know the program works as written, once modified, all bets are off.

    Good luck, you can do this!

  • What about your measurements?  My weight has barely changed in the 7ish weeks I have been doing it, however I have lost nearly 10cm off my stomach!  

  • Dave ND has hit the nail on the head...

  • Yeah I agree with DAVE ND too, my weight has not really changed but the difference between now and 6 weeks ago are quite noticeable.

    The HIT cardio should never be easy, if it is, just increase the speed slightly.

    I firmly believe you get out what you put in to this workout. I leave the gym some night absolutely drained and still have another 10 min cycle ride home.

    Also the diet is the key, wont lose fat if you continue eating garbage, you cant out train a poor diet.

  • Consider what your diet was like before you started. I have no clue what your situation is so I assume nothing, I can just tell you what it was like for me when I didn't get results with stuff like this in the past. I used to seriously cut calories. We have all heard that doing that will make your body think its starving and eating again makes us gain more. But I always thought of those skinny girls who never ate and never got fat. I didn't believe it until it happened to me many times, eating very little, then eating regularly again and gaining more. If you had a strict low calorie diet before you started this, it could be that your body is adjusting to the amount of food you're eating. Focus on the results you get from the exercise program and be sure to eat the protein. Feeling stronger and having that new energy can be an even better motivator. Nothing was worse for me than burning way more calories than I ate and being kind of skinny but really hating the way I felt. Whatever you do, don't give up. Sometimes we have to learn to appreciate our insides before we get the results on the outsides <3

  • My issue is portion control. 16 oz of cottage cheese should probably be 4 servings but I'm only getting 3. doh! But I never weigh myself either. I'm just in week 4 so I expect nothing at this point other than to feel better, lift more weight and be able to run farther/faster.

    I've always kind of thought 12 weeks is kind of short. My goal is to complete 18 weeks of this and then really evaluate the results. Maybe I have a longer attention span than most but then again I used to do triathlons a few* years ago.