Two weeks in....

  • Hello all! Its been inspirational and a great learning tool to read everybody's posts on this forum. I am two weeks in and feeling really good besides today. I hit that road block where I am feeling tired, hungry and a bit worn down but I know I need to keep fighting! I'm using the BFL program to tone up. I can say I'm in good shape, but would love to know what it is like to be in GREAT shape. How did everyone else feel about two weeks in and what are your biggest challenegs? Mine so far has been not sneaking a few M&M's here and there. The workouts have been great and mentally, it was hard for me to get over the short time devoted to cardio but I think I am moving past it. Would love to get your feedback on how you have been feeling!

  • I'm almost at the end of week one, and I feel great!! Love being back in the gym. What is your eating like? I have had more energy this week eating the right foods.

  • My eating has been very structured. I like how the BFL plan really lays it out there for you. I can tell you at the end of my first week, my cheat day made me feel a lot worse than when I stuck with the program. I had a glass of wine and some fajitas and felt awful. I think the diet has a lot to do with it but its hard not to have mini snacks in between the meals sometimes as I am so hungry!

    Do you find yourself more hungry on this diet?

    Glad you are feeling great!

  • Hey Lizzie,

    I done  this for the whole 12weeks at the beginning of the year, and yes my cheat day made me feel worse. I wish I would have stuck with it. Lost 30lbs the first time. Gained 20 back.

    Are you eating 5 to 6 times a day? How much protein are you taken in? I know that the only time I am like ready to eat is at lunch around 12:00. I think that is because I have eaten breakfest and worked out, and only had my 2 meal I am ready the muscles need it. Other that that I do not seem hungry at all. Thats why I asked about the protein.

    How much have you lost so far? What are your goals?