My First Official BFL Challenge!

  • I am starting my first official Body for Life Challenge tomorrow (October 1, 2012) and I am so excited to see the results of the next 12 weeks!  I have prepared all of my nutrition for the week and have written out my workout goals for tomorrow.  I've told most of my family, friends, and co-workers what I am doing and they're being supportive which I hope will make this lifestyle change a little easier.  Maybe there will be less temptations offered to me.

    I just took my "before" measurements and pictures and I am shocked!  I know I'm overweight and out of shape, but WOW.  The pictures are very eye-opening and show me that I really DO need to do this challenge! 

    My basic stats are this:

    30 year old female
    171 pounds
    22.0% body fat (per my scale, which I am sure is inaccurate - it's got to be more than that)

    I also took other measurements such as chest, waist, hips, etc and have them written down in my BFL Journal. 

    I wanted to write this so that I have a place to come back to to track my progress (unless I am supposed to do this elsewhere? please let me know) and get support from fellow BFLers!  I spent a few hours this weekend looking at all the various transformations that you have all done and it was extremely inspiring and motivating! Thank you!  Now it's my turn to change my life! :)


  • Good luck, Laura!!! It looks like you are definitely prepared for this challenge!! Please keep us posted on your progress. If you need any help, please feel free to ask!

  • Good luck! This program really works...


  • Thanks so much runnermom and Meggiesaur!

    Are you two currently doing a challenge?  If so, how is it going?

  • HI Laura,

    I have done many challenges over the past year and a half (you can check out my profile if you are interested). Right now I am still living a clean, healthy lifestyle and am in the midst of doing a 12 week online program by Kris Gethin, as well as training for my umpteenth half marathon in November. This lifestyle is for LIFE for me, so I am always looking for new ways to challenge my mind, body and spirit. I am almost 40 years old and have never felt better!!!!

    Good luck with your challenge....stay strong til the will never regret it.

  • Hi Laura, I will be starting my 9th week soon.  I did not see a lot of change immediately, but this past week was my time, I think, to start seeing great results.  The best part of this challenge is how I feel.  It is incredible how much better you feel, not just physically, but mentally as well.  This is a life style change for me.  Good Luck!

  • Welcome Laura2012, I wish you the best on your Challenge (C1 in nomenclature for us old timers to the site). Be sure to post a Before Pic on the fridge for inspiration and comparison later. Keeping a journal helps if you plan to officially enter because you can record any obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them and of course measurements as well. Be sure to Plan ahead that always helps to and don't let the holidays railroad your efforts (Halloween and Turkey day). Keep Moving FOrward!!

  • Thanks for all the advice and encouragement!  It has definitely helped me this first 4 weeks!

    I did take a Before pic and have carried it around with me in my success journal.  What great motivation!  Today, I took my 4 week pics to compare and have just taken my measurements as well.

    I definitely feel a difference and see a slight one as well, but can't wait to see where the next 4 weeks take me (and then the next 4 after that!). :)  I have lost 4 pounds, my body fat went from 22% to 20.7% (per my scale which is probably not acurate), and I've lost inches!  1.5" lost from my waist, and more elsewhere.  That was nice to see. :)

    I've made it through the worst part of Halloween (went to 4 parties the last couple nights and didn't eat junk at any of them), but I'm mostly worried about Thanksgiving as I'm going out of town and staying with family.  I will plan it all as much as I can and make the most healthy choices when I can't eat as planned.  I'll bring along protein shakes and things like that.

  • Well done on the parties Laura!  That's a minefield when it comes to staying healthy! :)