12 Week Body for Life - Week 2 Progress

  • Here I am heading towards Week 3.

    Here is progress so far.

    Week 2 - Lost 800 gms/1.7 Pounds

    Loss since Day 1 - 2.2 Kgs/4.85 Pounds

    Motivation Dipped a little at the start of the week, pulled back and glad that I didnt miss my workout on my Cardio on wednesday.

    Food was little off track at the start of the week and little on the weekend with Office BBQ party.

    Nevertheless excited to enter week 3 , will try to avoid week 2 mistakes.


  • Your still doing good. Keep up the good work and it will fall into place.

  • Sounds like you are on track to success, Keep Moving Forward and more results will follow.

  • tomorrowismine8, how did week 3 go for you?  You're on week 4 now, that means you're nearly a third of the way through the challenge! :)