Week 8 Progress Photo! I made it!

  • Well - I made it to week 8! Phew! I took my photo this morning. My clothes are fitting better. I don't know if I'll get the same sort of results others have - as it seems like my transformation is less dramatic...but I hope to continue to see changes. Excuse the just rolled out of bed hair. :)

  • Super job Lynne!!! Your body is definitely transforming all over! Try not to compare yourself to others....you are doing a great job and are making awesome improvements in your body and in your health. I know that you will KILL IT these last 4 weeks. Often amazing changes come in the last 4 weeks of the challenge. Finish strong!!!!

  • Wow, You are doing very well on your challenge.,  Hang in there I am sure more and even more surprising changes are on the way.  Keep Moving Forward!!

  • Are you kidding me....less dramatic?  I see HUGE changes in just 8 weeks.  I see most changes in the abs & legs.  You have such a pretty hourglass shape!!!  Don't let up; you will see the most dramatic changes in the next 12 weeks.  I am super excited to see how you finish out your challenge.  Keep on top of that food, and hit those 10's, and your body will continue to amaze you!!!  Proud of you!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Of course it's the 3 cheer leaders above commenting and building you up!! As long as you have those 3 cheerleaders, Lynne, you will have motivation all the way into week 1000. haha. YOU LOOK LIKE A BARBIE DOOOOOOL !!!!! DID YOU NOTICE YOURSELF? LOOK AGAIN.


  • Thank you for the words of encouragement! I def. see some improvement (finally!)..as I couldn't see it at all in the week 4 photos... but I can see some now. I just wish the darn love handles would leave... I hope over the next 4 weeks they disappear! haha. I do want to thank runnermom,bdmom,wpbill, and you soraya because you gave me some positives words at 4 weeks and it kept me going - when I wasn't seeing any change. Now my clothes are fitting better and that is making me so motivated to finish.

  • Hi Lynne! Your photos are amazing! You look toned and I see improvement everywhere. May I ask what your weight training workout is? I don't have weights and was thinking of doing body weight exercises instead. I'm new btw :) So to see your improvement is really inspiring. WTG!

  • Thank you for the words - I'm feeling so much better after posting pics on this forum...almost like ...hey...they see some change! I'm probably not a great person to get advice from - as I'm still trying to figure things out/dont' have alot of experience. I am really using the BFL book with exercises as my resource for exercises. I DID go out and buy a set of dumbbells and a bench...and a stability ball for abs. That is pretty much all I use and that is all I bought. It actually was not that expensive...and I built up the number of dumbbells I have as needed as I progressed and needed heavier weights. Good luck! Can't wait to see your transformation!