My 12 Week Journey (Warning, Long Read)

  • Dealing with my physical appearance has always been a deep seeded issue of mine. Growing up I was frumpy with little chicken legs (“Chicken” was one of my nicknames because of this). I always thought to myself that my body would change as I grew older and I would be more desirable somehow. Sort of like childhood dreams that you would wake up and be Spider-man one day! Then I grew older, had children, and have worked hard to live “the dream”; however, I still looked at myself thinking I am undesirable. Given up, I began to believe that I am just cursed with bad genes.

    In 2011, I began to experience what would be known as "The Turning Point". This turning point was more like a long U-Turn that began when I saw my wife's health start to fall due to a very unfortunate disease that is virtually incurable. While the disease was not threatening her quantity of life, it most definitely threatened the quality of her life. She was diagnosed with Stage VI Endometriosis that had begun to attack multiple organs in her body. Watching her deal with the multiple abdominal surgeries and hearing her surgeons speak of the disease made me wake up to my own issues I had been dealing with and began an avalanche of changes in both of our lives.

    I am, and have been, a sufferer of painful and plaguing psoriasis which at one point covered my body at almost 25%, and a few years ago began experiencing psoriatic arthritis in my right hand, my lower back, and both of my knees. I also know that Heart disease and diabetes run rampant on both sides of my family and I had always thought, "That won't happen to me", so it was never really a concern. However, through my wife’s condition, I was being forced to face some of these daemons. In November 2011, I visited my general practitioner (GP) for a full up physical. The results were not what I expected.  After my full physical, my GP told me I was not reporting a grade "A" and that I had to start taking charge of things now. This is when I made the decision to become serious. I became serious not only with myself, but with my family about health and health related issues. Knowing that my wife would have another major abdominal surgery soon, and I would be required to do more around the house we would not have been able to start right away. Nonetheless, I kept talking about becoming more active and about Body for Life. We waited until she was cleared for physical activity in June 2012 to start.

    Our initial 12 week goals were to start a new lifestyle that was built around good and healthy habits that could be modeled to our family and friends. To make outwardly achievements have always been a desire of mine as well. Hardening up this body, making it more desirable, no longer wear wind pants when coaching in the summer time because shorts were embarrassing, finding out that I have abs and pecs... Now those are some pretty cool goals! During the entire 12 weeks I always looked to my wife for inspiration. Every day she would find new and exciting recipes to try & she was on a roll in the kitchen :-) We both visited the Body for Life website regularly and gained additional inspiration form its regular forum visitors.

    My body is now healthy...! I am on the road that adds longevity to my life, and my kids, my family, and even my coworkers are following along. The changes have made huge impacts, and my goal is continue making impacts for the rest of my life!  My total cholesterol is down 56 pts, my triglycerides are down over 60pts, and my blood sugar is now a manageable 99...! This year I turn 35, and I’ve waited what seems like forever to get my body to where I am at today, and I have the knowledge it takes to prevent the diseases that have plagued my family for generations :-)

  • WOw, awesome progress and that is quite a compelling story about all the challenges you have faced and overcome in one way or another. Your photo shows great progress and future promise as well. Way to Go!   Keep Moving Forward!! Legs and arms are shaping and defining very well especially.

  • Congratulations on finishing your challenge! You look great, but I bet you FEEL even better! So happy for you and your wife, keep up the great work!

  • Great story and congratulations on your awesome results.  You look great!!  Hold on to this feeling and stay motivated.  Sadly, after my first challenge, I was reminded how fast it can come back and gained 15lbs after losing all of my weight.  I still feel 1000 times better than I did a year ago but I had to get my motivation back which as we all know, isn't always easy.  Be proud man, you kicked butt!!