Week 9 Progress Photo

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    Hi everyone! Here is a photo of week 1 compared to week 9.

    I have done this challenge twice before three years ago but fell off the wagon last year because I was prescribed some medication (Elavil) that made me gain weight. I gained 30 pounds! I read one of the various uses of the medication is to treat anorexia/bulimia, so no wonder I was so hungry all the time. I stopped taking the medication and started BFL again nine weeks ago. Here are my progress pics:

    Here is a photo of when I had finished my second BFL challenge about three years ago. My goal is to get back into this shape again (or better!) This photo really motivates me.

  • Of course you can do it, Lisa!!! You obviously kicked rear before and looked super. Just 3 short weeks to go. I am 4 weeks away, so right behind you. Keep going, the pictures show great succes and you will be better yet this time then the 3rd pic.


  • You can definitely attain this goal. You have the experience, just give it your best and you'll be back to where you want to be!

  • Thanks for the motivating comments! Today begins week 10. I plan to post 12-week photos.

  • Are you on MyFitnessPal?


  • Great photos!

  • Wow, Great progress and very inspiring goals for the future.  The photos and smile say it all. Keep Moving Forward and best wishes from all of us here on the forum (me included).

  • Great results.  Keep up the work.