Week 4 Progress photos

  • Wow, Juice8652!  Four weeks?!  FANTASTIC!  Looks like you lost a lot, and look at those calves!  Keep up the great work.


  • Greetings Juice8652.  Great work and progress for just a few weeks in. Hang in there and you should see even more results by weeks 7 or 8 down the line.  Keep Moving Forward!!

  • Thanks for the kind words.  

  • Mister Juice8652!! That is fast progress there!! Love handles... "you are going DOOOOOOOOWN!!!" NEVER TO COME BACK TO LIFE AGAAAAAIN. Keep up the good work, dude. It shows.


  • Great job! Your hard work is definitely paying off!

  • Thanks again. Looking forward to the end of the next 4 weeks.