My 12 week journey

  • Hi all!

    So twelve weeks are here, and I am feeling bittersweet about it, because I started this program with so much gusto and kind of puttered out at the end. Though I did not give up healthy eating and walking , so this program has changed me for the better. The before me would down endless amounts of sugar and junk, I would lay around all day. Now I watch all my food intake, sugar is limited down to almost nothing (still have to have some, or the mean carb hulk comes out!) I am more active and I feel so much better.

    So here are my before and after pics, weights and measurements. 



    Weight: 300lbs       Body fat %: 63.5

    Waist: 49 inches      Chest: 51in      arms: 16 in
    Hips: 59 in               Back: 49 in      Thighs: 31 in
    Calves:  20 in


    Weight: 285lbs       Body Fat %:50.5

    Waist: 41in     Chest: 50 in     Arms: 15 in   
    Hips: 52 in      Back: 42 in      Thighs: 27 in
    Calves: 19 in

    Total inches lost: 28 inches
    Total Body Fat loss: 13 %
    Total weight loss : 15 lbs

    I know my transformation could have been better, but I am still proud of what I have done, I plan to continue and never go back. I will get to my ultimate goal weight, one day at a time. I want to recognize few community members who were there for me, BDmom ( you are persistent, and I love you for it) Missunderstood ( you are an amazing force, thank you) WPbill ( for introducing me to the Warriors, thank you) and for all BFLWarriors you guys are an amazing group of people, thank you all for everything.  

    Keep moving forwards everyone!

    Angie ( Afleece)

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Angie, you rocked this BFL thing!  Congratulations!

  • 28 inches!!!! Holy Crap - that is amazing.  Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Wow!!!! Incredible!!! You did amazing. I just imagine together with you what it will be like to finish multiple challenges. When I started it didn't quite sink in that this has to become a lifestyle until later in the challenge. I congratulate you for having that mindset already, to continue on. Blessings.


  • Afleece- Excellent progress!!! You can definitely see major changes. I think in hindsight we can all find things we could have done differently. Just reflect on the past success and obstacles to help plan your next challenge. I am finishing week 10 and will start another challenge after a week of AR. keep up the great work. I look forward to following your progress with the warriors. Great job.

  • Thank you everyone! You made me feel even better about my accomplishments :)

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Angie:

    Wow!!!  You did amazingly well.  You should be so proud.  Do not undo all the hard work you have done.  Use this AR time to reflect on what you did well and what you would like to do better moving forward.  You knew it would take more than one challenge to get to where you want to be, and it will....but celebrate the amazing progress you have made already.  I have used you as an example to people who like to use the excuse that they don't have the time to workout.  If you can swing it, anyone can.  You are making yourself a priority and will be a wonderful example to your children, as they continue to grow and watch their mommy take wonderful care of her body and overall health.  Hugs!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • now you have me tearing up BD, thank you and I plan on getting back to it hopefully sooner then I have planned, things are just so crazy and rough right now, finding out my grandma has cancer every where and that she may not have much time, I am keeping up my healthy eating, but family stuff needs to settle first. I hope to do just one week and hope back on next Sunday

    Your today shapes your tomorrow!

  • Afleece!

    Look at your progress!  I know how hard it is to stick with this plan.  You did great! Congratulations on making it as far as you have.  I also understand family troubles. Just remember (as I have had to remind myself) that you cannot take care of others if you dont take care of yourself first.  Nothing can replace the feeling I have after workout first thing in the morning.  That I did it for me, and the rest of the day, I know that I accomplished something positive for myself and my future.  I am finishing up my challenge, this is my last week!  You should be so proud of yourself! Please stay in touch, stay active, and continue to look forward in this wonderous journey we call BFL.

  • Great job, Afleece! Now that you know what to do to lead a healthy lifestyle, you can definitely keep doing it. Great words from Miss cannot take care of others if you don't take care of yourself. You are a great example to others around you...keep up the good work!

  • i keep going back and re-reading what you said...bittersweet?  i can't stop looking at your pics!  you're amazing!  you did so good!  8 inches off your waist!?  oh my goodness!  in 12 weeks? !  good job !  that's what i needed to see today!  (i've got 4 weeks left of this challenge)  i'm all motivated now.  thank you Afleece!

  • Great work. I don't post here much anymore even though I've kept working hard on BFL since right after Thanksgiving last year. I was at about 310 pounds after Thanksgiving. Today I'm at 221 pounds. I've lost so much fat that I'm down to what I weighed in Jr. High. It feels great to be able to fit in to smaller clothes, stadium seats, airplane seats and folding chairs! Plus I love how my arm looks when I flex. Keep up the hard work.

    I'll be posting my own photos on here when I find time. I just finished week 6 of challenge 3. Your first 12 weeks are just the beginning!

  • Greetings Afleece,   Your smile and your photos show just how well you have progressed.  Way to go and hang in there. It is soooo easy to add those lbs over the years but very tough to get rid of them but you are definately doing the get rid of them part very well. I salute you and encourage you to Keep Moving Forward in your efforts despite the naysayers around you. We are all very proud of ya!

  • Angie/Afleece:

    You have done an amazing job! You are a warrior! You stuck it out and crossed the finish line! You have built new habits now just keep forming them.. LIke BD said It will take more than one challenge to get where we want to be and besides this is for life.. progress not perfection. You are AWESOME!!! I too am looking forward to following your progress on the warrior thread :) Much aloha angie!!