Putting myself back together

  • I thought I kicked off an inaugural thread but apparently I didn't.

    I just finished week 1 of my Challenge - kicked off at I am figuring 24% BF 168#, this morning after my free meal last night weighed it at 162#.

    I have physical limitation that keeps me from working out with any real weight or intensity, my days of heading down the road of any serious lifting are long gone but as my weight began to near 170# I was thinking it's time to put it all back together. About that time a friend asked for my help in keeping him accountable for his challenge and figured well let's do it together and then another person jumped in as well. So the pressure is on to practice what I have been preaching on these years and getting it done.

    I'd like to make some new friends and be a part of the community again if that is ok with y'all. The positive pressure that comes with being involved is a great motivator for me.

    My challenges for the upcoming week are I am on the road. I have picked a hotel with a decent fitness center, a fridge and a microwave so I can keep on track. I know I will be going to dinner with friends and lunch with customers. I don't feel any anxiety about not keeping on track. I know that I can control what I can control and beyond that it is up to God's good graces on the rest. We'll see what happens :)

  • Dear Jim,

    You have many friends here on the Forum because of your good grace in helping us out.  Even when I haven't interacted with you directly, I have learned much from reading what you have written to others.  One of the things I try to do every day to keep motivated is read a number of Forum entries on different threads.  Yours have been among the very best.

    It must be frustrating not to be able to work the weights as you did formerly.  Maybe that's a gift in disguise to get you to grow in other ways.  

    However you do it, WELCOME BACK TO FULL TIME BFL!!!  You will knock it out of the ballpark!


  • Thanks Mary I appreciate the kind words. It does get frustrating and very depressing, this challenge is very important to me. My hope is by getting back to the basics like it was when I did my first challenge in 2004 that the basics is all I need to succeed. It worked then when I didn't know what to expect and I really don't know what expect again so I guess we'll find out together.

  • Jim, congrats on the commitment to yourself. I too had some great results only to slip back after an injury. I am finishing week 10 and plan on starting another challenge when this is complete. I post most of the time on the BFL Warriors thread. Most of us have been together for over 2 years. Feel free to post over there. They are a group of dedicated, motivated people who are not afraid to give you a kick in the tail when needed. Good luck In your challenge. Hope to follow along with you.

  • cheering for you Jim. You did it once, you can do it again. I am not sure what happened to cause the inability to lift anymore, but suspect it was an injury or surgery. I am very sorry either way. I know it must be very hard. But you will find the way. You can do ALL things through Christ who strenghtens you.


  • Been a rough week with the passing of a dear, dear friend on Monday morning. Being on the road away from family was tough - quite a struggle to get back home for the funeral from San Diego making for a lot of stress on top of it all. The week wasn't bad from a meal perspective, certainly work outs were way off track. Far from anxious or worried about that, I think if we learn to embrace when things don't go according to plan we become much stronger in our transformations as people who have made a choice to transform our lives and continue to move forward with purpose.

    Thanks cuervo2669! Sounds like we in the same boat. Look forward to following you as well.

    SorayaRosaria, no doubt about it. I had some discs in my cervical spine get into some nerves that was pretty severe loosing strength and the ability to grip with my right hand and pain like I never experienced before in my shoulders. I was looking at multiple surgeries and the results were going to be life altering. With God's good grace, meds and a genius of a physical therapist those discs are no longer into the nerves, I have been predominately pain free and to have the strength and use of my right arm/hand again just totally rocks no surgery needed at this point. The meds catabolized a lot of my muscle, all in all I lost about 20lbs of it over the couple of years. I don't think the surgeon could believe I bounced back like this.... I can always say, "but God..." thanks for the cheering  :)

  • Can't imagine what you are going through right now, Jim.  Losing a dear friend is so difficult, and especially when you are away from family and support.  The added stress of trying to get back home must have amplified your grief.  Yet you stayed on the eating program.  That is AWESOME!  Better that you didn't stress yourself out further trying to get the workouts in, and accepted this as a normal part of life.  There's plenty of time later for working out, eh?

    I can definitely relate to the unimaginable pain of a disk pressing on a nerve.  When it happened to me, it was night time.  No way to get treatment.  I walked in circles through the house for 13 hours because I couldn't sit, kneel or lay down without intnsifying the pain.  I was given 2 shots by a surgeon right into the nerve root a week or so apart, and haven't had a single problem since.  Thankfully, as you mentioned, no need for surgery which often leads to more surgery.  So glad you were able to find relief from meds and a therapist.

    Congratulations on bouncing back from the nerve problem as well as you have.  Slowly the pain of losing your friend will become more bearable too.  Take good care of yourself.

  • Thanks Mary - my friend is off to a much better place where cancer no more exists, I have so much to be thankful for in knowing him :)

    The nerve thing is such a pain lol - glad you got yours workout out. So far I am really happy with what I am able to accomplish and figure slow, smart and steady will win the race I am running.