What's Wrong With Me??????

  • BDmom, thanks, I did that yesterday. I had been using the LoseIt app but yesterday I joined myfitnesspal.com at your suggestion. I requested you as a friend. I would love any help you can give me! I am still trying to figure out the site, so if you didn't see my request, my user name there is 527michele.  Thanks so much!

  • Today I completed my first challenge.  The results were very disappointing.  I can honestly say I gave this my best effort.  I only missed 2 cardio workouts in the twelve weeks, and only on a few occasions besides  free days did I eat anything that was a bit higher in carbs, fat or calories than I should have.  On most free days I followed Bill Philips' recommendation to indulge, but I didn't go too crazy with it. I was a pretty healthy eater before this, so I didn't have to remove junky foods, nor did I crave anything too terrible on Sundays.

    I am pretty sure I reached my 10s in the gym most days.  I may not have lifted very heavy weights but I know I could not have done one more rep, so that is what I went by.

    So I think I did all the right things, and these are the results:

                             7/23                        10/13

    Weight                193                         190

    Chest                   42"                          41"              

    Waist                    38                           38

    Hips                      46                           44

    Arms                     13                            12.5

    Thighs                   23                            23

    Since my last weigh-in on 9/28 I have lost 0 lb.

    In the month before I started the challenge I did a cleanse and ate very low-carb.  In that month I lost an additional 4.5 lb. and lost 1 1/2" in my chest.  There were no other significant losses. So in total, I have lost 71/2 lb. in 16 weeks, less than a half a pound a week.

    I will take photos and compare, but I see very little difference.  My arms look slightly more toned, but that's it.  My belly is where the fat is, and my clothes don't fit much differently.

    Needless to say, I am very discouraged and disappointed.  Not with the program, necessarily, but with my own body and metabolism.  For a person who is not usually all that active, I think I really made lifestyle changes and showed determination.  I am not a morning person, but have dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 in the dark every day to work out in my (freezing cold now!) garage.  For the last month I have logged everything I put in my mouth on MyFitnessPal.com and made some changes.  I can maybe cut out another 100 calories a day, but that's it.

    I will start another challenge after a week of active rest.  I will do it because I need to work out to be healthy. I hope and pray that I can stay motivated just for that reason, even if I don't see many changes in the future.  I am not going to expect much, because I don't think my body wants to let go of the fat.  To add insult to injury, it seems like so many of my colleagues decided to get thin now, and everyone is dropping weight like crazy on Jenny, WW, etc.  I know that the BFL eating plan is the right way to do it, as well as regular cardio and strength training as a way of life, but it I can't help but remember how good I looked before my 40s.  I will turn 50 in May and wanted to be in good shape by then, but I may have to move that goal up to 60.

    Sorry about the whining, but I am so sad and discouraged.  Thanks for reading.

  • Micheled- I am sure your results are far better than you think. We are our own worst critics. It is a learning experience. We are capable of far more than we think. Where your mind takes you, your body will follow. My results stalled also and I made several change to shake things up and away I go again. I think diet is the most important thing. We underestimate the actual amount we take in and never realize it. Feel free to join us on the warrior thread and mfp. BDMom, runnermom, claude, parsonbrown, my wife and myself all post daily and keep each other in line.

    Do not get discouraged. Knowledge is power. Write down everything you do. Read all you can on fitness and nutrition.  Try alternative foods and lift heavy. You will do fine. Consistency is the key. If it was easy everyone would be in great shape. Finally, Jenny and ww are temporary fixes and do not solve the underlying issue. Those folks will not be nearly as fit and haply as you in 6 months. Good luck.

  • micheled - I would recommend if you are not already testing your body fat levels, to do so. There are weigh scales that you can buy that also do your body fat %. It uses electrical impedence, so be sure to test in the morning, after going to the bathroom (as water levels in your body affect the reading).

    This way you can track body % as well. I haven't gone down any lbs on the scale weight in the last 4 weeks, BUT, my body fat % says I've lost 4 lbs !

    So don't give up ... look at your body fat % too.

  • Hi micheled, I just found this thread and read every post...

    I think one thing that's important to remember is that 12 weeks may not be enough for some people. I am only 30 and lost  8lbs my first Challenge but got stuck on how some people on here lost 20+. It actually got me down in the final weeks when some people claim you "turn a corner" but I did not. BUT... the thing I learned is that every body is literally different, I was never one of those "skinny through no effort" people and ate well but never gave much thought too exercise much like you, and I can tell you for some folks it takes a LOT of time to undo years and years and years of inactivity.

    It's possible that you simply need to keep going to overcome this plateau. Try taking 3 or 4 weeks of active rest, and try another Challenge. Our systems can sometimes be VERY resistant to change and we just have to keep at it until it gives in and starts giving us the results we want.

    And look at what you HAVE indeed accomplished: You said you have more energy, you were able to get yourself out of bed early every morning, you worked hard and missed only 2 workouts and didn't go too wild on your Free Days, etc.

    One thing I do wonder is if you got enough sleep. The book says 9 hours, every night. On your log it said you were going to bed at 11, and getting up at 5:30? That is nowhere near enough time to rest, and I know sleep deprivation can make an impact on how your body handles physical stress. That might be a new starting point to examine. :)

    Good luck, chin up, and remember, this is the START of something, not the be-all, end-all, one-shot!

  • Hey Michele!  I have 2 weeks to go and my waist line has maybe MAYBE moved 1/2 inch.  Why will our waistline not budge?  I have no clue, but my other measurements are moving so that is what I am focusing on.  I do believe that losing weight is just harder for some of us than others.  Sucks to be us, eh?  We will continue to work at this, together!

  • Dear Micheled,

    I know your frustration. I am myself in week 4 of the BfL programme and don't see a difference at all. My weight has gone up with 4lbs.

    But I keep motivating myself with the thought that even if I don't get the body of one of the champions after 12 weeks, I know I'll look better and feel better than when I started the programme.

    After reading the success stories, a lot of women say that they only started noticing the change after week 8.

    So hang in there! You're on your way to success!

    Best of luck!

  • Michele:  Progress is progress!!  Look at how much you have learned and are now armed and ready to take on your next challenge with a vengeance.  You are actually enjoying your workouts now, right?  That's progress!!  You are changing from the inside out, and may have to wait a bit longer to see physical changes.  You are heathier now than you were 12 weeks ago, and I have faith you will continue to make a healthy lifestyle a priority!!!  Enjoy a few days off; you've earned it, and then go hit that next challenge with all you've got!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks for all the encouragement and suggestions, everyone.  I am taking the week off from meal planning and weights.  I am going to eat fairly healthy, but will let myself have a little more pasta and maybe some cheese. ( Add chocolate to that list, and those are my 3 favorite food groups!)  Also, I will do some light cardio and yoga, and sleep a little later in the mornings this week. Mostly, I won't be counting every freakin' thing I put in my mouth!  

    Next week, back to work with some changes.  I am going to try to cut 100 more calories per day, and am thinking about doing a different exercise for abs each day. Hopefully at the end of the next challenge I will be a little more satisfied with the results.

    I appreciate all the wisdom and experience on here and on MFP, so if you have any other advice or suggestions, keep it coming! Thanks all!

  • You are so beautiful!