Cooking in bulk!!

  • Hey bfler's!! Hope everyone is having a great day. Today is day 58. Had a good cardio this morning on my home treadmill.....set a new peak of 8.2 on a 2 incline. Just got in from barbequing a big batch of lean ground beef burgers. One of the great tips I received years ago from a fellow bfler was to cook in bulk and freeze the portions in ziploc baggies. It has really helped me to stick with a clean diet. Whenever I do protein pancakes....chicken breasts or burgers I always cook up 15-20 at a time. Right now my freezer is loaded with ziploc bags. My wife every couple weeks makes a large serving of brown rice and mixed veggies which we do the same with that. So if there are any reading this that are fairly new to BFL this is a good way set yourself up for success!! Have a great day everyone!!!

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Fit4life I agree.  It's a Sunday ritual for me to cook for the week and freeze.  It's been a great strategy that's carried me through many meals.  I've done everything from lean beef and pinto or black beans, to chicken and quinoa or brown rice.  

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  • I agree- cooking in bulk is something I can really imagine helping!! I just need to do it!!  

    Stacy Lynn