• I am on my last day of week 5, and I find myself at a dangerous crossroad. I have been pushing myself through this program determined to finish, but I have been increasingly confronted by temptation after temptation. By week four, my cravings had turned into monsters but I kept them at bay. Now, close to week 6, I feel like I have no support from family or friends. I have cravings, but I can handle them. It has just been hard juggling everything, and I am running out of steam. My husband is gone to louisiana to get the power back on and my other friends and family aren't really supporters. They are just someone I can tell my progress to. Sometimes I don't even feel comfortable telling them what my progress is because I feel like they would much rather me fail, and that's because they haven't had any success losing weight. I feel so alone, but I don't want to give up. I am just afraid that if I succeed, that I will not be the positive influence that I want to be. I am afraid I will be envied. And why haven't I seen more progress? Have I been doing something wrong because I feel like I have been busting my butt to change my lifestyle and haven't seen enough improvement at this stage to actually be a champion. What am I doing wrong? Please help me. 

  • Grteetings katwell411,  Sounds like you are definately having a tough time. But Please, Please, Please Hang in there and continue and Don't give up the ship .  Some folks don't see a real change until later in the program around week 7 or 8 or later so be sure to perservere. Be sure to examine how your eating is going, is it by the book and clean and be careful on your free day that it doesn't become too Free and excessive. As far as support from others , if they won't , we are all here at this site to provide inspiration and support, and yes they might be envious but that is THEIR  problem, don't make it yours. I have run into this and I have learned to ignore them, sometimes they come around with a compliment later down the road when your progress is more evident to them. Not everyone is able to achieve champion status on their first try in BFL , I was on my C3, Third challenge this year and I am still not where I want to be ultimately. but I am getting there so ... Keep MOVing Forward and re-visit why you decided to take this step in the first place and then reaffirm your aspirations !!

    Oh, and one of my shortcomings sometime, try to get enough rest nightly and on your Free days as well.

  • I am starting my 5th week, and I love the way I feel.  I have only lost about 3.5 lb but that is okay because I know my body is changing, I see the change in how my clothes hang.  I started this with my husband, but he is only halfheartedly trying in an effort to appease me.  Ultimately, I know I have to make the changes for my life, not his, or anyone else around me.  I have a friend who said she wanted to join my workout, she did once and spent most of the time wanting to talk.  You have to stay focused for YOU.  Honestly, I think I do best alone, because no one around me is as motivated as me to make a change.  Every time I think I want to slip back into an old habit, I remind myself of why I started this challenge.  That is my suggestion to you.  Leave yourself reminders around the house, the car.  Little notes to yourself as reminders of why you want to change your life.  Most everyone says you probably wont see changes until the 10th week, more or less.  I don't know how much you have to lose, but I know if you are following the BFL plan, you are making changes.  Give your body time to adjust, then the changes will come, probably quickly when they do.  Good Luck!

  • Katwell411, isn't it wonderful to have support from people you don't even know in person? People who can build you up, teach you new things and motivate you. I am starting week 7 next week and I have met wonderful people on here to keep me inspired. You must stay every day connected to people of like interest and higher motivation even then yourself so you can follow. My husband also is working out and says he wants to eat better, but he is not focused on doing it the BFL way. So, lke Brenda4life said... this is about YOU. One more note... you see all 3 of us who asnwered here... all 3 of us are on I highly recommend you sign up at that site, add us as friends and it works like facebook where you can post, comment etc. But more then that, you can keep good track of your nutritional intake so that you can keep on target with your goals. I have learned a lot just by joining there. Blessings to you, you can do this, even if alone there... we are here with you online.


  • This is all great advice, Katwell411.  My ex was not very supportive when I was losing weight years ago.  He liked me shy and dependent.  It was discouraging.  I had to do it for myself.  He was the only one who wasn't cheering for me - I have been very fortunate that way.  I don't know how much time you have or if you are able to join a fitness center/gym/YMCA, but that's where you will find people who think like you do!

    There is one thing more you could do.  When you started BFL, did you write out your dreams and goals?  Take photos?  I took photos ... naked.  Terrifying experience!  I did write out my dreams and then my goals.  The recommendation is that you read those first thing in the morning, and while you are journaling at night.  Also write down what you did well that day.  What you will do to make tomorrow better.  There are examples of all this in Bill Phillips Body for Life book.  If you don't have it, maybe the library does.  Great book.

    Hang in there with us.  We all need each other!


  • Thank you all for your unwavering support and advice. I have not missed a workout, but I have not been eating great over the past 3 days. I am ready to correct that now after looking at my before pics again and revisiting my goals. Before the past three days I have been using the Eating For Life cookbook. I think my biggest obstacle has been time. I feel like all I have been doing is cooking, cleaning, and going to the grocery store. I work a 12 and a half hour shift and end up driving for an hour or so to get to and from work; thus, work days involve me cooking the day before and I really have to talk myself into going to the gym on the drive home. I know I am doing more complaining than anything, but I really want to make this program work for LIFE. I don't want to just do it for 12 weeks and go back to bad habits. So do you have any suggestions of how I can get out of the kitchen and find more time for family and friends?

  • I am cheap and easy... I buy a package of frozen chicken breast and bake them all at once.  I use frozen veggies that I can steam in the microwave as well as the sweet potatoes for microwave.  If I work early shifts, I make an egg white omelet the evening before (or more than one for several days) that I can throw in a low carb whole wheat wrap and warm in the microwave for breakfast.  For snacks I do use the ready to drink Myoplex Lite protein shakes, or a mixture of cottage cheese and yogurt.  I do lots of wraps for lunch with deli meat, thin sliced cheese and lettuce, tomatoes.  Basically, plan out every single meal for the week and do as much precooking as possible on a designated day so that the rest of the week is yours. Like you, I do not have time to prepare anything fancy.   As far as the gym you have to make yourself want it - and remember 3 days it is only 20 minutes, the other 3 days should be about 45 minutes - I know I have decided that I am worth 20-45 minutes of my day - that is my personal time when I focus on me.  I hope I helped... :)

  • Thanks brenda4life! That's pretty much what I am doing now in regards to cooking all my work meals before hand. Your quick meal ideas I will have to try. Thanks again!