A re-evaluation: Can you do better today? .....Can you be jst a little bit better than yesterday?

  • Ok so after about a week of writing in my journal, writing in different posts, and looking myself in the mirror, I am growing leary of answering my question with an honest no.

    Who want's no's in their lives? it's not productive and hinders your progress.

    My honest question in the morning was always, "Can I do my best today"  I could answer yes to that, but then at night when I ask the question, "Did I do my best today?"   I would have to honestly answer no.

    I'm not talking so much about the diet, or the excercises.  I am speaking of all those things we need to do in our own lives, things pertaining to career, household maintenance, finances, relationships, etc. etc.

    So changes and modifications need to be made.   I am going to save those words, "Will I do my best?   and "Did I do my best" and save them for performance things like the work outs, tests and finals, job interviews and stuff like that.

    So I like this new statement when I look myself in the mirror     Can you do better today?    Yes I can

    Can You be jst a little bit better than yesterday?   Most definitely I can

    This way it will allow me to take one day at a time and then look in my own life and see which part of it needs improvement.

    It's best to start the day with a positive yes and  end it with a yes

    Good luck everyone out there - You are my support group and I'd thought I'd share!

    ~Marqui D. C1W8D51

  • Good post.  I would take it even further and push that line of thinking at the gym during each set, hell each rep.  Nice.