Week 8 progress!

  • I just added photo's to my profile, showing day 1, week 4, and week 8.  I would love some feedback!   I am feeling great and am looking forward to my last 4 weeks!

  • Wow!  Great job!  You can really see a change-keep it up!

  • I can also see the changes..good work

  • Your pix are looking great. I really appreciated you reporting also the inches lost because I have never used tape measure to judge progress, so I didn't know what to expect or couldn't tell if what I lost was good enough. So this gave me a good idea as to what range to expect. You have really good posture too. The difference is seen all over. Very good. I can't wait for end week 6 to take mine. That is end next week. Blessings to you.


  • Wow!!! You're killing it!!!

    I find your drive remarkable, with 6 kiddo's (regardless of Brady Bunch style, lol) you must have to really fine tune your daily schedule to follow this program.

    From somebody who just turned 35, well done, you look GREAT!!  Finish Strong!


  • Thank you everyone!

    Inches are the best way to gauge changes I believe. It is great to hear that you can see a difference, as I can see some, and I was hoping it wasn't just in my head.  Brez, It has been a challenge for sure, and with boys on 2 different football teams and one in marching band at yet a different school, things are going to get even more interesting!  I am dedicated to finishing this challenge, and will probably keep on for another one, as it is becoming a lifestyle. Your kind words are welcomed.  Your not doing bad yourself!

  • wowee!  you look fabulous!  that's pretty amazing :)  good job!

  • Very nice progress!

  • WOW, what great progess. You are doing absouletly fantastic and I hope you continue on. Keep Moving Forward and remember the scale is only one tool that you can use, Photos are one of the best as well as clothing fitting.

  • you are already cute as button, but your pictures are amazing!  you look fabulous!

  • Yayyy!!  I am very proud of you!  The pictures are simply amazing.  For all out there, Miss Understood is a great example of success.  I reached out to her at around Week 5, she is a big reason I am wrapping up Week 11 with great results.  Soooo proud of your progress!  See you in the email exchanges!