Just Getting Started

  • I don't know if this is the right place, but I needed a quick place to keep myself accountable and vent issues that I'm having.  I'm 35 and 161lbs.  I used to be about 135, runner, heathly eater.  3 years later, my father died, I met my husband, got married and gain 25 lbs and it seems the more I focus on losing weight the more I put on.  AAAHHHH!!!  Well, today I'm done.  Officially done! 

    In the last month I have given up soda - all soda, tapered off my depression medication, started working out again, but have gained 3 lbs....that is extremely discouraging!  But apparently not enough.  Its tough to stick to a work out routine with a full-time job, 2 kids in 2 sports each and a house to keep up, but I must if I'm going to continue to be a good mother and wife.

    If you have any suggestions on making this life change, please let me know.  I did it once before, but life has changed SO much since then.  I'm older, married and my kids are more active and  I travel a lot for work.  HELP!

  • Hey!  I am 36, and started at 157.  I just finished week 8 of the program! Listen, I know it seems like change is impossible, I was there.  I figured cellulite and flab was part of getting older.  Uh, guess what? ITS NOT!  I feel healthier than ever, stronger of body and especially of mind.  Weight loss is a mental game, the most important lesson I have learned from body for life.  Please read the book- It really helps you understand everything and makes this whole thing doable. and remember, winners MAKE their own luck! Congratulations on starting your journey!

  • babi4x4... you are at a good place, the place where you feel you are sick and tired of where you are physically. That is the only place where you can make a turn around. As long as we are comfortable, we will not make the change. But if you are mad enough, frustrated enough with gaining more weight and tired enough of putting everyone else first, then this is your time. This is a good place to get the encouragement you need. I am in week 5. Started at 150 and am 40 years old. Lost at least 4 lbs, and 6.7 inches so far. Most importantly, put your blinders on. Some are serious and go all the way, others are not. But decide that this is YOUR time and you will stick to it no matter what.


  • Also, to give you an idea, go to MIss Understood's profile to see great pix of what can happen for you if you go at least to week 8. Then go from there to finish line. You can do it, follow others who are serious.