8 Weeks Down... Getting over the plateau... (w/pics)

  • OK Folks... I'm driving my wife crazy!!! So far I have dropped 17lbs and the muscle is starting to pop out from no where. I am super stoked that she has not quit though, and I say a little prayer for her now an then that God give her the strength to continue. There is so much to this story that I have not shared... and one of these days I will be so happy to tell it to the world... :-)

    The last four weeks have been the slowest transformation wise...and although I see my strength going through the roof...  I am about to kick things into high gear!!! 


    Here are my pics from day one, to week four, and week eight. I know... I still need a tan... and my legs are way too dark from a fishing trip I took last week (did not eat right for three days... but at least I didn't drink any beer :-) I even took a pic in my "Island Dude" pose :-)

  • Wow! Great results!  Very inspiring for those of us just starting

  • You already look like a different person...keep it up!

  • Fantastic!  Well worth the work, eh?  I'm just beginning and sure hope to build lean muscle and lose weight - a lot of weight.  I will keep your wife in my thoughts and hope she can hang in there.


  • Good on you, keep going strong!!

  • Wow, Way to go on those results so far!!! Your photos show some great progress overall. Keep Moving Forward!

  • WTG!!!! Proud of you, I hope you are proud of yourself also... Keep up the greatttttttttttttttt work...

  • Good job!!! You're doing amazing!  I hope your wife can keep pushing forward too!  Yay to her for not giving up!


    All the best with BEAST MODE haha!

    Your belly has been burnt off already from the Day 1 picture, larger shoulders and triceps also jump out when I looks at the pictures.

    Keep it going - you are doing fantastic!

  • Greetings!  How is your wife doing now?  Hope she has been able to push through the frustrations and kept going!