Week 5 Road block !!

  • Yesterday would have been the start of week 5 for me. I have been going strong and have not missed a workout or had a bad meal. On Saturday after my HIIT, my legs started to have pains all over and it got increasingly worse over the last 3 days (not the regular muscle pain, this seems to be nerve pain). I had a major back surgery 4 years ago which took almost 3 years for me to get back to normal living again and thought that I had damaged the screws in my back from working out too hard. After X-rays it appears that I did not damage anything but cannot figure out why all of a sudden I can go from being so strong to almost not being able to do anything. My entire body hurts and have no idea what is going on. The Doc says that I am just exercising too much and too hard and that my body is rebelling and needs a rest. I have been in such a great groove and am now not able to work out due to the pain and have no idea how to get past this. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to deal with this or has been through this type of pain after doing this for over 4 weeks? any insight would be much appreciated.

  • Hi Gavin, I am sorry I am not an expert. You have done amazingly well to stick to the plan for 5 weeks.  With your past injury you are bound to feel weary about making yourself ill, and I can understand that while you are feeling in pain you are concerned that you have done yourself harm.  If your doctor advocates rest I would follow his advise, and put your feet up when you can to aid circulation.  As your fitness and strength has improved you have probably started to push yourself more and more and have just reached a threshold and pushed yourself a little farther than your body was ready for.  After you have given yourself a few days off and your muscles time for recovery you will most likely find you are stronger than before.  For the first four weeks of the challenge I felt like I had been run over by a bus I was in so much pain, I was so stiff that I was needing help from my partner to get off the couch in the evening.  Go back to the doctors if the pain has not gone in a few days, but otherwise I get back on the program you are clearly doing really well on it.

  • Hi Joannapat,

    Thanks for the reply. Things have improved over the last couple days and I feel that I am ready to go back to the gym :) ... the doc did tell me that I still need to cut down my workouts to only 4 times a week for now, so I am going to have to figure out a new workout plan but at least it was nothing too serious other than me pushing my body too hard. Guess for now I will have to hit my 6 and 7's during my workouts until I am ready to hit my 8,9 and 10's again. Just a slight bump in the road but am eager to get going again.

  • Hi Gavin, Glad you are feeling better.

    I found a great link to a site on here that goes into a lot of detail about the science behind the Body for Life plan.


    I have found it a great help.  Your idea of 9's and 10's could well be someone elses 13's and 14's.  I was gasping for breath on the tens and still questioning myself as to whether I was pushing myself hard enough, according to the info on the site, you should be able to hold a conversation even at 10!!!

    Some people are more likely to push themselves further and are harder on themselves.  If you cut down on the intensity you could find you are doing more than enough.  Swimming may also be good if you have access to a pool.  Remember all the good stuff happens when you are in recovery, I am sure 4 times a week until you are better will be more than enough.  Keep up the good work.


  • I looked at that website, Joanna Pat, and even copied the message into my "Body for Life" computer file.  Always looking for helpful information.  That was very helpful!  One has to be careful about following the index card the author provides as an example of daily food intake:  We don't have daily "fun food" on BFL.  We have Free Day once a week.

  • Hi Dancing Queen, Thank you I was glad to find the link on here. I only looked at the sections about fat loss, measuring and why you could not always see the fat loss straight away and also the parts about exercise and intensity levels.  I am sorry I did not realize it deviated from the diet.  Still a great site full of relevant information.  Although I am doing the Body for Life I have developed a taiste for books of a similar vain and am picking up tips, especially about getting the right mindset and am enjoying both the physical and the mental journey.

    Best wishes Jo