Week Six pics continued 43 year old woman

  • Week six back view

    starting side view, at the bottom is the week six side view that I am really happy with!

  • For some reason the side picture still hasn't gone on.  Does anyone know how I can take these posts off and start again?

  • Yes, there is an option in your original post I believe to edit and/or delete.  Side note, you're killing it!!!

  • Don't know if you can remove it, but at the bottom of the post there should be some stars and to the right of the stars is a little pencil icon.  Click that and you can edit your post.  hope it helps.

  • Thanks Brez and Juju, I think i will just leave it for now and post the side view with the pics at the end of the challenge.

    I love the way you can eat real food and don't have to feel hungry.

  • Wow, super job!  You must be crazy pleased. :)

    Our tummy's looked about the same in your before, if you are able I'd really appreciate the side shot.  I'm dying to know if/how it'll look when I tighten that up.  Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Southernbutterflies, I will have a go at downloading the side shot again.  It is great when it starts to come off your tummy,I still have a long way to go but am delighted with the improvements. Thanks for the encouragement and good luck with your challenge!

  • Almost looiking like a movie star already! haha. Keep going.


  • Oh, I see it!  Wow, great job!!  I have hope! lol  

    Best of luck for the next 6!

  • Greetings , Just to let you know you're doing great and keep up the good work. (Keep Moving Forward), I a sure your results will only get even better as you go along during the challenge. Best wishes to ya!

  • Your positively melting away! look at the improvement in your thighs as well! Imagine what 6 more weeks will bring!!!!

  • Greetings WPBill,  thank you for your kind words of encouragement.  I hope you are enjoying your challenge and seeing the results you are after.  It is hard work but it is worth it.  best wishes jo

  • Thanks Miss Understood.  I found the courage to weigh myself this morning and have lost about 7lbs, I am going to pay more attention to my diet for the rest of the challenge as I have been averaging a good 1600-1800 a day. With about 2600 on a cheat day.  Should be down to 1300ish.

    The thighs are less lumpy, very pleased.  How are you doing? Jo

  • Cheers best of luck to you too. We are all in it together!

  • Such a HUGE awesome difference on the side picture!