Week Six Progress pics 43 year old woman

  • Start of Body for life front

    Start of Body for Life Back

    Start of Body for Life side

    Week six day 2 back

    Having problems just now downloading the side pics. This is where you can see the most improvement. Will post these first then the other to follow if that is possible.

    Starting weight 167 lbs, 5 foot 7.5

    Starting Chest 41 waist 32 hips 40.5 biceps 12 thighs 23

    week Six not weighing just till end

    Chest 39.5 Waist 31 Hips 40 biceps 11.5 thighs 22.5

    Have not missed a work out and diet much improved.  Feeling much much better fitter and stronger.

    These pics were taken off the cuff and could have been better but just had to get on with it, sorry about the dodgy nickers in the second lot.

  • You're looking amazing!!!!  Honestly, you're killing it!!  Keep going, I can't wait to see your 12 week pics!

    Semper Fi,


  • Oh hunny you look great! Keep it going!!  WOW!

  • Thank you Brez the encouraging feedback really helps.  Good luck with your challenge!

  • Thanks Miss Understood, very encouraging, by the way just checked your pics and well done to you too, you look amazing!

  • Sexy ;) But seriously, your gonna have a great figure. That reminds me. I need to get back on this thing. Why i procrastinate is beyond me

  • Thanks for the encouragement Drissydrake, don't know about "sexy" I need a few 12 week challenges back to back before I get there! lol,

    Get back on, it is far better than thinking about it, you can do it!

  • Both Joannaoat and Miss Understood have great pix here. I will post mine when I reach 6 weeks too, then.


  • Way to go, Sorry you had problems posting the photos all together on one blog. Your results are great so keep on goin like you are!


  • Thanks joannapat!  I still cant see much in the 4 week picks.  this monday will be 6 weeks, and I am looking forward to seeing the new pics!  Keep up the great work!

  • Can't wait to see them! keep up the good work!

  • You look fantastic!!!!

  • Thanks CLDuke, all this encouragement is giving me a huge boost! :)  Good luck with your journey

  • You look awesome! Good job!