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  • I'm 55 and in c1w4 and started with 25% body fat.  I've read the success stories of several winners and see people loosing as much as 40 lbs in 12 weeks.  I'm doing the weight training as recommended, but my cardio varies considerably.  The question that I have is related to calories required to be successful in this challenge.  Here's what I'm doing, I'm tracking everything I eat. When i burn more calories I eat more. Every day, I try to stay about 800 calories below what I burn to loose 2 lbs/week.  For example:

    I weigh 190 lbs, and believe that with my desk job I burn about 2100 calories per day.  When I lift weights, or do cardio I burn anywhere from 400 to 1800 additional calories.  

    My question is, should I stick to the palm and fist size portions no matter how many calories I burn, or should I eat more on days that I do more?  Should my extra work burning additional calories, be used to loose weight faster?


  • I'm in my first BFL challenge and am in Week 9 so there are a lot of people here that have been doing this a lot longer than me. =) The advise I would give is stick to what the book says on exercise and food, at least for your first 12 weeks of doing the plan..  I doubt you're really burning anything much over 400 calories in your weight training or cardio, unless you're doing wayyyyyy more than the book prescribes for this plan. I know if you're doing the type of cardio BFL recommends, you might burn on average 300-400 calories per session, but nowhere near 1800. Doing "extra" cardio won't speed up your results, it will actually cause you to plataeu faster.  Follow the plan, stick with it for 12 weeks, and you'll get awesome results! Good luck!


  • Thanks Mike for the input.  But I am doing a lot more than the plan.  The reason is that I have other goals on top of the BFL goal.  I like long distance running.  A person of my weight, if I run for 60 min at a 10 min/mile pace burns 1100 calories.  If I do my upper body at lunch, then after work go for a run, I've done around 1600 calories.  I work the weights pretty hard too, and wear a heart monitor that tracks calories.  I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I've ranged from 450-850 calories for a resistance workout. That includes 10 min of elliptical to warm up, and doing the prescribed set of lifts.

    When I where my heart rate monitor and run for 45 min on the treadmill, the calories on my monitor are pretty close to the calories on the treadmill, same with the elliptical.

    I also do a Spin class on Monday evenings,  this is 1 hour long and pretty intense.  Based again on my monitor, it claims I'm burning around 1100 in that hour.  I've logged my spin call workouts in meal tracking site and for 1 hour it says 588 calories.  It may be right but it doesn't know what kind of an effort that I'm making, just that I did spinning.

    I also am hoping to speed up my results by doing the extra cardio since I have a high amount of body fat that I'm trying to work off.

    So my question is still out there.  Should I stick with the meal plan no matter how many calories I burn, or add additional calories so my body doesn't consume muscle because it's not being fueled?

  • If you are doing that much more, you will certainly want to increase your complex carb (red potato, sweet potato, brown rice) intake to accomodate distance running.    I would stack the extra carbs around your workouts only.  Keep the other meals to plan.  Just my opinion.  BFL isn't a distance running meal plan.

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  • Thanks Michelle, I went back and read your profile, nice job!