This is my Journey

  • CONGRATULATIONS, SORAYAROSARIA!  How exciting!  and encouraging for the rest of us.



  • So excited that 4 weeks have already gone by!! When I started this journey I couldn't wait to see the weeks go by. As of today I have lost 6.3" overall and as of last week I had lost 3.4lbs. The weight part I wish I could have seen more of a drop, but as far as the inches are concerned, I don't know if that is a good progress or not since I have never used tape measure before to judge progress. I am hoping it is not a dissapointing little amount to lose in one full month. But I have dropped 3lbs in one week before, that is why I wished it was more for one month, but then again I realize I am building muscle at the same time and muscle weights more then fat. Besides I can really see defenition happening, especially in arms and my curves.

    Today I my free day and I am taking full adavantage. Just enjoyed a nice KFC lunch and Olive Garden is in the plans for dinner later. Pasta and white creamy sauces are my fave! Enjoying cake and ice cream right now! YUM!! I have been a real good girl, so no regrets. Tomorrow I am changing my weight program to do different kind of excersizes for my 2nd month and then I will take pictures 2 weeks from now to see the difference from when I started. That will be half way finished results.


  • You must be looking great already, for everyone to notice the difference, Well done!!

  • Thank you joannapat. This week I changed my weight program around so that I am doing different excersizes for the same muscle groups. I get bored if things stay the same for too long. Changing upper body was fine, I will adjust the weight to challenge me even more. But Lower Body KILLED today!!!!!! Lunges are so hard and I feel dizzy going up and down anyway, let alone the added weight! But I love that I feel it working on a larger part of my legs.  Barbell Squats were a killer also! The only excersize I changed up drastically because it is not mentioned in the book is that this time around I am using  a machine to work the inner thighs. I don't worry so much about working the calves, so I replaced that and only do the calves at the final 12 reps at the high point. I like that better for this next month in the journey. Oh MY!!! My legs have been so sore all day and not to mention that back home I worked in the yard all evening pulling weeds, so the bending down and up for hours were making my legs feel so tired and shaky. But I feel happy knowing I am working hard this 2nd month in the game. Friday I will adjust weights for upper body to make sure it burns as much as lower body did today. I am very happy to have changed up excersizes and machines and will change again in the last month of the journey.

    Yesteday was our 19th Anniversary, we went to Olive Garden for dinner and I made sure to order whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce, but didn't mind being a bit naughty for the occasion by eating one breadstick, a bowl of gnochi soup and cheesecake for dessert!. What the heck, I haven't skipped a beat since I started, so no regret. Will take pix end of next week at 6 week mark and post them.


  • Ok, today is Thursday in week 5. I hardly could do anything today. As I mentioned just above this post couple days ago...This week I changed up my excersizes which caused my muscles to become sore from the change as the change is hitting new muscles, especially lower body. But the cardio days in between have been stressing on the legs too as I am using a new machine and it is for climbing. So my legs haven't had days in between to rest. But to add to the tiredness of muscles, I have been doing landscaping the past 4 days or so which involves a lot of bending, squating and more stress on the legs. Well, add the sun to that also. Working hard in the sun tires the body a lot. So, yesterday all day I was sooooo exhausted, but at the same time motivated to work outside. I see what is left to do and I want to finish it all, it is looking so good. But I quit after 2pm on the yard and rested the rest of the day as it was hard to move due to muscle soreness. It hurts to bend to sit and hurts to get up. So by today my body didn't want to move. Went to the gym anyway and during first excersize already (upper body) I could feel I had to reach deep inside to produce energy to work so I said forget this!!! I have overworked myself all week. I need a break!!!. I hurt everywhere, so instead I did chairmassage and hydromassage bed sessions and called it a day at the gym, just came home and slept. I've also woke up with a kink in my neck this morning to make matters worse and it hurts to look sideways. I totally feel like I am 80+ years old. hahaha. I need to remind myself there is no hurry with the landscaping, no one is pressuring me but myself. I am a workaholic and its hard to quit sometimes. So, hopefully I will be rested enough to hit cardio tomorrow. Maybe I should not do the climbing tomorrow but something that doesn't involve the legs. hmmm. Not sure though what as yet. I wish there was a rowing machine or something. We'll see tomorrow how I feel. Or jump rope? Or maybe rest all together tomorrow and Sunday? I am beat UP!


  • Great job Soraya!

  • Starting week 6 and I am so happy I had a 3 day weekend and felt ready to get going today. Friday and Saturday my body just couldn't go anywhere! After having burned myself out with 4 days of harder work at gym then come home to do landscaping, and going up and down stairs in the home was way more then my body could take. But at least I kept eating clean on those 2 days and then Sunday was off. Worked hard on legs again today at gym, but took it easy once home. I should have not put lunges and squats in the same month. Those are each the hardest workouts on the legs to me. Next challenge I will split these exersizes and combine them with other ones. Cardio was also all about climbing so this week I will change that. End of this week I will take pix, hopefully I won't have trouble loading them up. Success to everyone this week.


  • Week 6 went great. Weighed myself today and lost another 3.2lbs since last weigh in. Also my daughers took my pictures today but I couldn't load them up here, they were too large. But they are posted on MyFitnessPal. This app was recommended to me last week and it totally changed the way I track my meals because I didn't focus on 40-40-20 before to make sure I am getting the right amount of proteins and carbs in. Very excited to see better results even in the last 6 weeks of my journey in this challenge. I am enjoying every aspect of the challenge, the workouts, the planning the meals and tracking nutrition, the sharing with very supportive friends and most of all, the changes I am seeing in my body. Enjoying my free day today and ready to jump in again tomorrow morning God willing.  May the Lord bless and keep you, may the Lord make His face shine upon you and give you peace.


  • I  enjoyed reading this whole diary yesterday, it brought back memories of when I first started and I am thankful each day for the changes I keep seeing. That is why I love keeping this diary for myself. Today I didn't go to the gym because I overdid it this week with double workouts and my knees started hurting really bad. I really wanted to push myself harder in the second half of the challenge, but I know now what I did wrong and will correct it.  One day of rest and they feel better again. Tomorrow I am back on track with Upper Body and that should give knees one more day of break. I am thankful for the support and coaching I have from wonderful people whom I don't even know personally, specifically on the MyFitnessPal App.  

    Also, my husband told he that he read in Men's Health Magazine that leg extensions are bad for the knees. Any opinions out there or personal experiences of this machine contributing to pain in the knees also? I defenately reach a 10 effort on it and want to confirm if it indeed is a problem for me. Can't wait for next week Sunday when I measure again to see how much more progress I have made. God is good, all the time. All t he time, God is GOOD!


  • HELLO  SorayaRosaria,   About the leg extension machine,  I have used it ever since the first C1 Challenge, mainly as a supplemental exercise on cardio day, to help strenthen my bad knee from the service, but I am always careful about the setting on the machine angle(so pivot point is aligned with your knee when sitting down) and about how much weight I put on it (don''t jump up on weight levels too soon before form and reps). It has helped me out a great deal with my knee(right one) to stabilize it during other exercises as well by building it up over time. The inner thigh machine I also use and it has given a better shape and strength to my legs as well (Abduct/Adduct machine is it?)also on extra day(cardio). .Oh, Way to go on your progress!!!! Kudos to you. and don't feel bad about celebrating your anniversay, I did on mine (28th for me) and I wasn't sorry about it!!!  Keep Moving Forward!  Try ICE oold hot therapy for your knees, a little pain reliever, EAS BOdy Armor after a workout, and Icy hot in the area and  that with prudence and a little rest should work.

  • Weeks are going by fast! Got my body fat % measured for the first time this week, which is at an embarrasing 32.3%. I have no idea where I started at, but it has to be worse then this. I finally found a gym that  would do it without requiring membership as I already have a gym membership, too bad they don't measure people but the membership price is right. Knees are feeling MUCH better. Thank you WPBill for always being there with great advice. Got me some knee support also and they feel great when I wear them.

    This Sunday it is time to measure and see how many inches I lost again. The first measure at week 4 showed 7" lost and I am nervous not knowing what to expect this time around at week 8 but hoping for as great results. I am so much more confident with my meal planning now that the past 2 weeks I have learned to focus on 40-40-20 and appropriate caloric intake. Before that time I was planning my meals on paper and felt I was going great,  but now I plan them on the MyFitnessPal App and it has helped me so much with being balanced and close to my intake goals.  

    Week 9 starts next week and I have now chosen my prize for finishing challenge #1 succesfully. I love keeping this personal journal and I love the accountability group that I have. To God be the Glory through whom we can do ALL things.


  • Are you going to share what that prize is?  I know that at the end of my 2nd challenge (yes I am confident I will continue) I will turn 48 and my husband is buying me a new wardrobe if I am near my final goal.  I have yet to think of what I want to a prize at the end of this 1st challenge but I have 5 more weeks to think of it.

  • Beautiful Brenda... let me correct your sentence slightly... "Your husband is buying you a new wardrobe WHEN you are near your final goal". (not "if", hahha) I am fully confident in you! I did post my prize on the App, haha.


  • Today I finished week 8 and am very excited! Measured again today and lost another 7.75 inches since the last measurement at week 4, for a total of at least 14 inches since Week 1. I forgot to measure chest and calves on start date, so now those are left out. Next week I weigh myself again. I scheduled these different ways to measure success at different times so that I can see bigger results at different stages rather then weighing in weekly or measuring weekly and seeing smaller increments of progress. Week 9 starts tomorrow and I am excited to change up my weight program again and Cardio Machine. This may be the reason why I am always so sore. Maybe I shock my muscles too often, but I haven't read anywhere how often is recommended to switch things around, so I have been changing my weight program every 4 weeks and Cardio machines every 2 weeks. I don't mind being sore, just wondering if being sore since week 1 is normal. The Foam Roller hurt almost as much as childbirth!!! I swear!!! Thanks for the torture recommendation Amy and Natalie!

    Today for the first time I switched from FREE DAY to FREE MEAL. I used to go  crazy on Sundays, so it almost felt like I am short changing myself because I look forward all week to a naughty day. But I rather see bigger results at the end of week 12. Also been doing low impact cardio daily on top of my routines for extra calorie burn! My biggest motivation right now is to take a professional picture at the end of a challenge, not sure yet which number. But as soon as I look qualified for one!

    Current measurements: Waist 33", Hips 40.5", Arms 11", Upper Thighs 24", Lower Thigh 17. Weight 145.2 as of last month.

    Have a blessed week everyone. I feel more accountable and committed by writing my journal here.


  • Keep it up, Soraya.  I adopted a motto I seen someone else post.  Strong is the new skinny :)