After much consideration....

  • I'm loosing fat, thats cool, i do reasonably large weights, (depends on the msucle group but generally) However, I dont seem to put on a hell of a lot of muscle so it got me thinking.

    Am i taking enough protein?  I worked out, that i take in about 140g of protein a day (weigh 89kg now, started at 100).

    I prupose upping my protein intake to around 240g a day (give or take)


  • In my opinion... You might be a bit low on your protein intake... But not 100g low... The rule of thumb I've always used is 1g per 1lb of estimated lean body mass... I understand today people are saying 1g per 1lb of body weight... But that tends to be too much for me... How do I know... Well... I will not describe in detail, but my body does change... :-/

    I think you should also consider the type of protein, the intervals, and your workout routine... I seem to be gaining muscle mas rather quickly... but it is really mostly in my arms and shoulders where it is most noticeable.

  • There are some who don't do well with 1g per pound of scale weight.  That being said, it's the best general "rule", unless you are that outlier.  I would suggest moving protein to 190-200 grams per day. 

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  • I agree with the other posters.

    For further advice on nutrition I have a book called The Complete Guide to Strength Training by Anita Bean (this book is in its 4th volume now, and is the 2nd best book I have ever read on exercise AFTER BFL :-) ).

    The book recommends between 1.4 - 1.8 g of protein per Kg of Body Weight.

    I weigh 90Kg (similar to you now).

    What I did was took the "upper" protein estimate (1.8g) and multiplied it by my body weight (90Kg), so that gives me 162g of Protein.

    That protein needs to be spread over my 6 BFL meals, so 162g divided by 6 = 27g.

    So if I am getting ~27g of Protein per meal, I am getting "enough".

    Just watch out though dude, if your weight continues to drop, you will need to workout your daily protein requirement again (I would recommend you do this each time you lose 2Kg for example).

    Good luck mate!

  • And you are using the pyramid lifting scheme, for bfl?   Just asking because, i dont move a high number of weight, but moderate reps and weight.   This builds mass, what are you eating too?