Question for a champion (or anyone else)

  • OK

    So, im on week 9, iv dropped 10kg so far, and my bodyfat is down to 25% but, whats annoying is, my tummy is still hanging around, it doesnt seem to get much smaller.

    Its quite gutting.

    Anyone got any suggetions, other than keep going, cause ill be doing that regardless

  • Good morning :-)

    Everyone is soooo different, unfortunately there isn't one prescription to fit all... However, there are some things we do know that might be able to help... For instance, high glycemic carbohydrates are major contributors to belly fats... These should be eaten in moderation and early in the day. Example: A banana is high on the glycemic index, and I will eat only half of a banana once or twice a week in a protein shake as my post workout meal (when it counts the most!). Taper your carbohydrates throughout the day, including complex carbohydrates, and try not to eat after 6:00-6:30 pm. I am also struggling with the very bottom of my belly fat... and the ONLY way to get rid of it is a very strict, lean, clean, and mean diet. Example: Most every day I eat chicken breast, brown rice, and a green veggie... VERY low fruits other than apples... and only occasional banana... ALSO... NO DAIRY... NO HARD TO DIGEST GRAINS (Rye, Gluten, Barley, etc...)

    This is what I am doing... and it is working well for me... But... Like I said... We are all different and respond differently to diets... the only way you will know what truly works for you is to try it out... a REAL EFFORT for at least six weeks (in my opinion)



  • Hey Chris

    Yeah i eat virtually no fruit, maybe only one piece a week, because i believe i have strong insulin reaction to the sugar.

    I do eat whole wheat pita breads rarely for lunch but thats all.

    might cut the bread products all together see if that helps.

    Dont eat dairy (not even in coffee).

    Will re-evaluate my carbs and see what that does.



  • That damn bottom tire is always the last to go it seems with us men lol.. Im the lightest I have ever been in my life and although its shrunken dramatically I still have a man pooch too! It will be gone though if it's the last thing I do! Congrats on your progress so far Richard! Home stretch coming up!

  • Wow so your telling me cottage cheese portion as a protien could be inhibiting me in some way? Cause thats a dairy prodcut. Damnit!

  • Not everyone responds to dairy in the same way.  There are numerous studies showing that lowfat dairy aids in weight loss.  The trouble areas are always the last to go.  Make sure you are eating clean, watching your sodium intake, drinking lots of water, hitting your 10's on your cardio and working your abs 3x per week.  Remember, abs are made in the kitchen and seasoned at the gym.  

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"