What if im not drinking 10 cups of water a day?

  • I pretty sure im over doing it.

    Can that lead to some extra weight?

  • Greetings esteam,  The extra water is to help cleanse your system, cold water brings up your metabolic rate and help with overall functions resulting form all that extra workouts you are doing. ..thats why BFL recommends at least 10 cups a day. The only way you would usually retain the water is if your salt intake is too high, you may want to check on that aspect. Remember there is a lot of hidden salt in many processed and fast foods that will hold the water in your system longer than it should be there. Hope this helps....Keep Moving Forward and best wishes for your success this challenge.

  • I forgot about that salt part...i just found out that Mustard has some salt. -_- lol

    ll try to fix this up, thank you WPBill...ill keep this in mind.